Mix : HC – Modern Classical

The original purpose behind this mix was to compile some of my favorite modern classical recordings of 2008. As I progressed through adding tracks one after another, this one hour compilation turned into a journey, full of dark passageways, creaking stairways, and dusty light. Traversing the abandoned cathedral that houses this sound, one can imagine unlocking cobweb doors to reveal sighing ghosts and distant echoes. The mood changes from dark to light, from evil to beautiful, from present to nostalgic. I have finally decided to share this music, because the featured artists here deserve recognition and my highest regards. Thanks to all the participating artists and labels who allowed me to include their work!

[update: I linked each individual album to the review which previously appeared on Headphone Commute. I even ported some older reviews which never appeared on this site! This should allow you to find more information on the artist, the label, and of course the album, if you wish to purchase it!]

[ D O W N L O A D ]

Track Listing:

Hecq – Night Falls [Night Falls, Hymen Records]
Murcof – Death of a Forest (part 1) [The Versailles Sessions, Leaf]
Hauschka – Eltern [Ferndorf, 130701/FatCat Records]
Ólafur Arnalds – Haust [Variations Of Static, Erased Tapes]
Jóhann Jóhannsson – Melodia (iii) [Fordlandia, 4AD]
Lustmord – Ash [O T H E R, Hydra Head Records]
Murcof – Death of a Forest (part 2)  [The Versailles Sessions, Leaf]
Evan Bartholomew – Cracks In the Fabric of the Known [Secret Entries Into Darkness]
Hecq – Dis (Reverberation) [Night Falls, Hymen Records]
Subheim – Howl [Approach, Tympanik Audio]
Jacaszek – Taniec [Treny, Miasmah/Gusstaff]
Max Richter – Circles From The Rue Simon – Crubellier [24 Postcards In Full Colour, 130701]
Helios – A Mountain of Ice [Caesura, Type Records]
Peter Broderick – A Snowflake [Float, Type Records]
The Abbassi Brothers – Clouds Are Sleeping [Something Like Nostalgia, Dynamophone Records]
Emanuele Errante – Fecunda [Humus, Somnia]

[ D O W N L O A D ]

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