HC – Our Shelter, Our Tomb

I am very excited to share this special mix with you! I originally put it together back in February, after I was finished with Headphone Commute’s Best of 2009. It was intended as a follow up to my popular Modern Classical Mix, featuring my favorite selections from 2009. The mix quickly became dark, nostalgic, and bleak. Originally featured on the truly wonderful Fluid Radio back in March, here it is, finally, for your enjoyment!

Track Listing:

Scanner – Anna Livia Plurabelle / Rockets, Unto the Edges of Edges [BineMusic]
Murcof – I. IV / La Sangre Iluminada [Surimi Media]
Ólafur Arnalds – …og lengra / Dyad 1909 [Erased Tapes]
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – The House / The Road (OST) [Mute]
Talbot + Deru – The Transmutation of Species Part 2 / Genus [Ant-Zen]
Proem – Till There’s No Breath / Till There’s No Breath [Nonresponse]
Nebulo – Sunurb / Miwak Twelve [Hymen]
Access To Arasaka – xt10.20zp9 / :Port [illphabetik]
Undermathic – Everything Too Late / Return To Childhood [Tympanik]
Ben Frost – O God Protect Me / By The Throat [Bedroom Community]
Proem – Faceeater / Till There’s No Breath [Nonresponse]
Clint Mansell – Are You Receiving? / Moon (OST) [Black Records]
Monolake – Watching Clouds / Silence [Imbalance Computer Music]
Aes Dana – Signs / Leylines [Ultaimae]
Loess – Troper / Burrows [Nonresponse]
Mark Pritchard – ? / The Hologram [Ho Hum Records]

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