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Soundwave Mix

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I think I met Joseph sometime in 2008 when he was running his Solipsistic Nation podcast. We shared the same taste in electronic music, and in 2010 I prepared a mix called “DSM-IV-TR“. This seems to be a long time ago now, but Joseph and I still keep in touch. So when he asked me to follow up with another instalment, I gladly pulled out my latest favourite pieces to prepare this mix. These days his show is called Soundwave, where he continues to showcase some of the best artists on the scene, including many of my favourites like zakè, Billow Observatory, and Mike Cadoo, as well as co-conspirators in writing, like Peter van Cooten of Ambientblog, and many other eclectic artists, who are new to my ears and are always a pleasure to discover! My original mix premiered as episode #163 in July of this year, and today I am happily republishing it here for syndication. I think this music needs more ears, and I hope you enjoy the journey!

In this mix, I focused on exploring the very edges of the sonic landscape, where beauty and destruction lie on opposite sides of the dynamic spectrum. Between them, one can hear the transmutation between organic and synthetic, fragile and brutal, beauty and fright. I really love the distorted build-ups originating in the gentle and soothing melodies, climaxing to their concerted peaks and then collapsing into beauty once again. It’s in this contrast that we find ourselves forever bouncing between the darkness and the light, only to accept that there is no middle ground and that this journey.


  •  ArovaneGoodbye Forever (Recomposed by Mike Lazarev)
  •  Max RichterShadow Journal
  •  36Colours In The Dark
  •  Kcin & Tilman RobinsonGo Be Free Then
  •  Mike LazarevTonality Number Seven
  •  Jason van WykLight Burns Out
  •  Ital TekA Delicate Balance
  •  Ben ChatwinCreep Strain
  •  CoH meets Abul MogardTraverse Within
  •  Mike LazarevTonality Number One (Excerpt)
  •  Jóhann Jóhannssonmelodia (iii)