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Today, we conclude the 9+ hour mix by Roel Funcken with its sixth and final part. It’s been a real journey, exactly as predicted, connecting time in a single, comforting, and beautiful stretch of sonic weave. If you pay attention to the track listing, you will notice how Funcken threaded pieces from repeating artists (sometimes even a few from the same release) to create a cohesive musical voyage, along with his expertly practised touch of additional post-processing to get it all nicely glued together. As promised, you can enjoy these instalments in a single long-playing track, which Funcken originally shared on his Soundcloud account under a different name. You can stream this and even download it here. You can find the previous five parts right here. Meanwhile, if you enjoyed your time with us, please support the featured artists and labels!


  •  Wil BoltonFrame of Reference
  •  dramavinileis
  •  blochemyfluss
  •  blochemylane
  •  blochemyvime
  •  Tim HeckerSense Supression
  •  Richard GinnsLosing Visibility, Passing By
  •  tim heckercounter attack
  •  tim heckerkaito
  •  Solo AndataOld City Crowd
  •  KMRUline
  •  the humble beeconcealed by yellow
  •  r.roowet thoughts for a tonic drink
  •  Viul & BenoĆ®t PioulardStair
  •  Mind over MIDIEvolve 4
  •  Wil BoltonBindweed
  •  Tim HeckerLiving Spa Water
  •  KMRU & Aho SsanRuined Abstractions
  •  DeruAddictive Yearning
  •  KMRU & Aho SsanResurgence