William Ryan Fritch


“… a dark, cataclysmic, and post-apocalyptic music, in all the right ways…”

The first in a three-album series reflecting on the many calamitous water crises affecting life on this planet.



“… combining sound design with musical form, cultivating an entirely new world within each sonic piece […] listening to Sinter makes not only my ears and brain happy but also my heart…”

Uwe Zahn’s entry for Mathias Van Eecloo’s laaps project, which is now in its 3rd year of releases.

“… I really enjoy working with organic sources of audio, finding or recording sounds, which I then start heavily processing in unusual ways…”

James Murray

Careful Now

“… a radiant, soft-focused work of wide-eyed romanticism and childlike innocence…”

London-based composer’s first solo release since 2019, back on Ian Hawgood’s celebrated Home Normal label

“… my role as a performer fulfils me completely […] I don’t feel any frustration in playing other people’s music, I find it a total field of expression…”

“… I’ve always been interested in what gives a piece of music emotional content, which for me derives from harmony as well as melody…”

“… I’ve become immensely enthusiastic about emotional embodiment… I’d like to evoke specific feelings in the audience during the listening sessions…”

Focus on Głós

“… I don’t distinguish so much between Techno and Ambient. For me, it’s the same: a soundtrack to special moments…”

“… there’s no point in wasting a lot of time on a track which obviously isn’t going to work, the listeners can hear it’s not been fun to work on…”

Luke Howard

All Of Us

“… while the music is a reflection of this artist’s personal journey through isolation, loss, and, ultimately, destiny, it is a work in which we glimpse a little of ourselves…”

Second studio album for Mercury KX by this post-classical Australian composer inspired by the predicament of humanity.

“… I do not have a concrete strategy. I would say it is more philosophy. I try to avoid too much knowledge; that way, I can keep up a playful approach…”