Jacob David


“… the solo piano drifts and waltzes through dim corridors of purposely forgotten memories, occasionally opening up the dusty shades…”

“… I often start a composition by creating a theme with an acoustic-digital filtered sound. Over this, I often try to integrate pure synthetic sounds from a synthesizer…”

“… all the great recordings were made with what people had available to them at the time, and Picasso already knew: when I haven’t got any blue, I use red…”

Hotel Neon


“… a lullaby for all the uneasy…”

Recorded in the span of just eight weeks Moments is one of the more minimal and textural albums Hotel Neon have ever made

James Murray & Mike Lazarev


“… where fragile tones appear to hang in an infinite amount of space…”

Following last year’s reworking of ‘Living Treasure’ James Murray and Mike Lazarev present a collection of post-classical compositions woven into delicate ambient textures

“… I put a lot of focus into the sound design, atmospheric composition, and structure, […] it is the one formula that I use to make my sound audible…”

“My compositions are bound by the parameters of where they were created. And so to prevent my creativity from stagnating, I need to change those parameters every now and then…”

“…I find it very useful to invite people to the studio, to listen ‘through their ears’… even without saying a word, you can tell if a piece works or not just by listening together with someone…”

Constantine Skourlis

Eternal Recurrence

“… delving into the abyss that is the human psyche and its inevitable dualistic nature of beauty and of violence…”

I want to call this genre “cinesonic” for its ability to trick the mind into a kinetic journey through imagined space. Recommended for fans of dynamic, physical, and psychological music.


Daniel Isn’t Real

“… a dark and euphoric dreamscape that evokes both rapture and dread…”

Chris Clark’s soundtrack for Adam Egypt Mortimer‘s psychological horror released on the revered classical Deutsche Grammophon label.



“… a soundtrack to your reclusive walks, preferably through dark and dingy alleys, abandoned subways, and corroded ducts…”

Jasmine Guffond & Erik K Skodvin

The Burrow

…The most beautiful thing about my burrow is the stillness. Of course, that is deceptive. At any moment it may be shattered and then all will be over. For the time being, however, the silence is with me.

— Franz Kafka


Pattern Recognition

“… a type of ‘grey area techno’ that falls somewhere between atmospheric wonderings, intergalactic space travel, and post-apocalyptical crawl…”

In this mysterious and deliciously dark space, your mind meets face to face with angst and anger. Endorphins fire. Dopamine’s released. And you relax among the cradling rhythm that carries you in peace into the void.

Quiet Places

Volume 1

“There’s many things about this place that I find unusual. One of the things I find fascinating is how quiet it gets. It’s the quietest place…”

A brand new project from Dennis White, Charlie May, and Dave Gardner that will take you on a journey to the early days of electronica and chill out…

“… we like to try to make acoustic instruments sound like they are electronic and electronic instruments sound like they are acoustic…”

Echo Collective

The See Within

“… achingly beautiful and mournfully devastating…”

The Echo Collective breaks out with their debut release of all original material, echoing not just the past encounters and moments, but in its very essence, the present moment which goes on.


Game Trails

“… the sense of nature is in every piece, and from that comes a sense of calm…”

Markus Sieber takes us on a journey through his inner world, inspired by traversing pathways left by animals in their nomadic quest.