“The only thing for certain is that everything changes […] In order to master changes, we have to recover slowness, reflection, and togetherness.”

Marconi Union


… combining synthetic textures with organic sound, and merging the familiar with the unknown…

The Manchester-based trio of Richard Talbot, Jamie Crossley, and Duncan Meadows, create genre-boundary-blending soundscapes, that span textured ambiance, melodic electronica, and, dare I say, percussion-driven post-rock.

“There has always been a certain melancholy and nostalgia to my music; however, Lionheart possesses a feeling of rebirth and an audibly more hopeful tone when compared to my past work.”

October 31, 2021

What’s scary about this Halloween is not the number of drunk people who are running around London in questionable clothes, but the amount of music that keeps landing on my desk…

“… we are always trying to tell a story or create a cinematic adventure or experience in our work, and sound design is a huge part of how we create mood and atmosphere…”

4T Thieves

Raven’s Cottage

“… nostalgia-inducing electronica with glitch, lo-fi, and drifting synths…”

4T Thieves delves deeper into the rich vein of kaleidoscopic synthesizer lines and tranquilized hip-hop beats, a vibe the Sandison and Eoin brothers have so wonderfully encapsulated.



“… a zoomed-in landscape of the body’s largest organ, we’re faced with that unnerving feeling of taboo…”

Ben Lukas Boysen

Siren Songs

“… a dismal and delicious sombre space, one which delightfully eclipses all the light…”

In this “Original Score for an Abandoned Video Game,” the Berlin-based producer explores a dark, dystopian, and sinister palette.

“… it gives me joy in making some analog sounds… it’s always a great moment for me to be away from a computer, which I already heavily rely on…”

Ed Carlsen


“The video showcases Carlsen playing in front of an obscured audience, but somehow I feel to be among the spectators, and then I dream that Ed is playing just for me!”

“… the sonic sculpture is created within the composition and sound, smoothing and subtracting the superabundant and multiplying the necessary…”

… a set of hand-picked albums, EPs, and remixes that I have been listening to in the past couple of weeks…


The Alias Sessions

… music of exquisite tension and ecstatic release…

Fernando Corona returns to The Leaf Label for the first time in thirteen years with a grandiose and visionary double album.

“… the wood of stringed instruments and the horsehair rubbing on the strings create many small sounds that make you really feel what happens when you play, and this is magical for me…”

Jason van Wyk


“… spreading, dissolving and forming, the elemental particles of this sound spin in an ongoing cycle of a gentle cosmic wind…”

Cape Town-based composer, producer, and pianist Jason van Wyk gets signed to Mike Cadoo‘s legendary Oakland-based n5MD imprint for his fourth studio release.



“… where shadows are amplified and bright spots are dimmed…”

Scott Morgan releases what might be considered his very best work in a long and fruitful career of perfecting that very special loscil sound.


Atol Scrap (2021 Remaster)

“… more than an echo of the past, this bottled sound truly has matured…”

Uwe Zahn‘s monumental debut gets a polished re-master and a vinyl pressing that should keep the fans of IDM, glitch, and melodic electronica extremely happy with this very special treat.

“Based on the life and work of French contemporary artist Olivier de Sagazan, this borderline horror sonic narrative will give you chills even without its visual counterpart.”