“… for every choice, there are roads not taken, and occasionally, it’s interesting to go back and explore some of those what-ifs…”

February 26th, 2024

January has come and gone. My best-of-the-year selections are now just a memory [at least, a preserved one]. …



“… a catalyst for a conversation about kindness, which is needed now more than ever…”

After his well-deserved Academy Award and a BAFTA for his work on “All Quiet on the Western FrontVolker Bertelmann returns to a studio album, with his much-missed prepared piano and a reflection of love for the humankind.

A label showcase and a reflection on this past year from a lovely independent Valencia-based imprint, Archives, curated and operated by Agustín Mena, aka Warmth.

Alva Noto


“… a journey into the realm of intricately manipulated production inspired by resonance and elasticity…”

The second instalment in Casten Nicolai‘s series of dub-infused digital structures, spatial manipulations, and immaculate sound design. 

From the Mouth of the Sun

Valley of the Hummingbirds

“… conveying the tension, the anxiety of the unknown, and the fervent appeal that stirs up into a climax…”

Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist are back with an album on Lost Tribe Sound featuring three long-playing compositions originally written for the same-titled dance performance by Danae & Dionysios.


Whilst We Fall

“… a soft and intimate collection of slowly morphing soundscapes […] enveloping the listener and drawing them close…”

A third album under Alex Leonard’s Dronal moniker, investigating the blurred boundaries between the natural world and the one which we have created on top.

Muriël Bostdorp


“… each carefully pressed key expresses feelings with its weight […] flowing naturally as an extension of herself…”

A new solo piano offering from Amsterdam-based composer available on Julien Marchal’s Whales Records

“… many notable artists release their music without the attention they deserve, and a lot of silly music has too much space…”

Lisa Bella Donna

Electronic Voyages

“… a garden wall of modular synthesis harvested from this modern master of electronic music…”

A gorgeous offering from the “sonic sorceress” that should be experienced in your headphones, preferably in the dark, in a fully horizontal position.

“… the very edges of the sonic landscape, where beauty and destruction lie on opposite sides of the dynamic spectrum…”