Mike Lazarev

When You Are

“… in this timeless passage, I explore the possibilities of being outside being, and in the absence of elsewhere finding ourselves, whenever we are…”

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch


“… how thoroughly unprepared we are for something almost all of us will experience…”

I see Ravage as a mourning diary – it’s intimate, ritualistic in the sense that some of the methods used are sometimes more to do with their symbolic meaning than with the resulting sound.


For Ukraine Mix

A hand-curated sampler mix of pieces from both volumes of our benefit compilation by ambientblog


Violet Opposition

… the emotional seepage of sound through the newly refreshed bandages of the recently healed wounds…

With Violet Opposition, Brock Van Wey floats the project into murkier waters by adding a layer of overdriven gilding to his trademark sound.



“… something that takes on a new shape… like mist that eventually turns into rain…”

LAAPS 2020-2021

“… a permanent sonic and visual continuity…

Two years. four seasons, and 16 releases later, we’ve got this exclusive 60-minute mix showcasing each album put out on LAAPS, curated by Mathias Van Eecloo himself.

In this episode, Matt Emery chats with the Icelandic composer, Eydís Evensen, who has released her debut album, Bylur, on XXIM Records earlier this year.

“… I’m looking for objects with a story, linked to various people. Every tool I keep is linked to personal memories or has had a previous life…”

“… continuous modulation of all the parameters can create incredible sounds, cover an incredible spectrum of frequencies with wide presence, dynamics, and precision…”

“… I try not to force myself or become afraid of not finding what I need. Very often things just need a bit of time and a fresh mind…”

“The only thing for certain is that everything changes […] In order to master changes, we have to recover slowness, reflection, and togetherness.”