Julia Kent

Temporal (Leaf)

… plaintive cello lines floating over the metronomic rhythms [which] echo the passage of time…

A modern-classical weather forecast, for fans of cello and warm summer storms…

Skee Mask

Compro (Ilian Tape)

The rhythm of a forgotten era gently glitches through the layers of effects […] The music’s beautiful, astute, and most of all, it is melodic.

One of the gems of electronica from 2018 – not to be missed!


Fade To Grey (A Strangely Isolated Place)

… on the isolation of individuals using (and often abusing) technology as a means of escapism…

Dennis Huddleston explores the outer reaches of our reality, “where social media has become a weak substitute for human interaction.


Trans-Neptunian Objects 2 (Auxiliary)

… on dwarf planets and asteroids that lay in Kuiper Belt

Featuring another seven astral excursions into deep space and beyond and spanning just short of 70 minutes, Trans-Neptunian Objects 2 is the final journey in the series

Thom Yorke

Suspiria (XL)

“… a weird form of darkness […] exploring the darker side of what could be loosely described as music, or, experiment, or sound […]”

Thom Yorke’s very first film score, with all original music, composed for the same-titled film by Luca Guadagnino

Taylor Deupree

Fallen (Spekk)

“Half-broken tape machines and plenty of ghostly echoes helped hide the honesty of the piano as I hid myself, and my music, away under the cover of abstraction.”

I often speak of music used for meditation. This is an album to be tucked away for such a time… a timeless masterpiece.