Equivalents (Kranky)

… abstracting clouds into miasmic, painterly canvases of smoke and shadowplay…

Scott Morgan‘s 12th LP, inspired by a series of early 20th century photographs by Alfred Stieglitz

Marcus Fjellström

Schattenspieler (Miasmah)

Dark and moody, sad and beautiful, organic and ghostly Schattenspieler, is an incredible achievement, that grows on you with every listen.

A RECITAL for Marcus Fjellström’s record, celebrating a re-issue of his first three albums


ISS:SA (Skam)

Incorrectly perceived as simply an Autechre side-project, Gescom exists as a platform for a number of aligned artists to work in various combinations whilst remaining anonymous…

Take a look inside Simon P. Castonguay’s, aka Tambour studio, read up on his composition process and his latest release for Moderna Records