Muriël Bostdorp


“… each carefully pressed key expresses feelings with its weight […] flowing naturally as an extension of herself…”

A new solo piano offering from Amsterdam-based composer available on Julien Marchal’s Whales Records

“… many notable artists release their music without the attention they deserve, and a lot of silly music has too much space…”

Lisa Bella Donna

Electronic Voyages

“… a garden wall of modular synthesis harvested from this modern master of electronic music…”

A gorgeous offering from the “sonic sorceress” that should be experienced in your headphones, preferably in the dark, in a fully horizontal position.

Hidden Notes

On today’s episode, Matt chats with Daniel Inzani and Alex Hobbis of the Hidden Notes music festival, which will take place this year in Stroud on September 23-24th.

Rod Modell

Ghost Lights

“… floating through the twilight like a ghost in the city, eavesdropping on sounds and stories untold…”

Another immersive experience courtesy of Ario Farahani Astral Industries imprint with beautiful artwork by Theo Ellsworth.

Taylor Deupree


“… the decay and the growth stir tiny, fragile worlds…”

The latest stopover on a slow journey through ambient sound that has brought Duepree acclaim and renown for over two decades.

“… the very edges of the sonic landscape, where beauty and destruction lie on opposite sides of the dynamic spectrum…”



“… the return of the “intelligent” form in all that made the IDM genre so appealing…”


Please Touch

“… addressing in equal measure the perceptual and the corporeal…”

The second full-length solo LP from one of the masters of advanced techno manipulations

Tim Hecker

No Highs

“… a beacon of unease against the deluge of false positive corporate ambient currently in vogue…”

“What is the function of music? Is it to serve as a background for a WeWork, efficiency world, for someone who just wants to code? Or is it for driving down a foggy road at night, wanting that experience amplified?”

“… the process is ultimately very instinctive, not cerebral […] where I find pleasure is in the raw part, the creation…”

James O’Connell


“… atmospheric textures, delicate piano notes, and soaring heart-wrenching strings…”

A new and welcome entry from a film composer taking a step back from the frenzied schedule and sharing the intimate moments through honest and thoroughly human music.

Ital Tek


“… expansive and elegant, neatly balanced between light and dark, grace and brutality…”

An impressive album from a favourite Brighton-based electronic musician exploring the perception of time and the perfect equilibrium between the outer edges of the sound spectrum.

“… I take a lot of inspiration from solitude in nature […] the environment is crucial, much more so than being in a perfect recording studio…”

OZMOTIC | Fennesz


“… an expansive sonic architecture, balancing exquisite composition with space for improvisation…”

A new collaborative record of expansive pseudo-orchestral movements wrapped in electronic microsound and glitch.

Caterina Barbieri

Spirit Exit

… musical vortexes rewiring time and space […] standing alone in its ecstatic intensity and cataclysmic emotional impact…

The Italian electronic music composer showcases expert modular manipulations on her brand-new independent label. A retroactive addition to Best of 2022 selections.


Low Flying Owls

“… as delicate as it is restless, the breadth of instrumentation and influences comes to life across the sonic space and printed page…”

One of the label’s most ambitious releases to date, featuring a collective of seven like-minded musicians distilling the sound into a single cohesive aesthetic.

“… [I like] introducing new elements to a sample, giving it a whole new character and making it sound old and tired or completely removed from what it originally was…”