“… we like to try to make acoustic instruments sound like they are electronic and electronic instruments sound like they are acoustic…”

Quiet Places

Volume 1

“There’s many things about this place that I find unusual. One of the things I find fascinating is how quiet it gets. It’s the quietest place…”

A brand new project from Dennis White, Charlie May, and Dave Gardner that will take you on a journey to the early days of electronica and chill out…

Echo Collective

The See Within

“… achingly beautiful and mournfully devastating…”

The Echo Collective breaks out with their debut release of all original material, echoing not just the past encounters and moments, but in its very essence, the present moment which goes on.


Game Trails

“… the sense of nature is in every piece, and from that comes a sense of calm…”

Markus Sieber takes us on a journey through his inner world, inspired by traversing pathways left by animals in their nomadic quest.

Luke Vibert

Luke Vibert presents Amen Andrews

“… I suppose you could call it futuristic retro…”

Luke Vibert dusts off his collection of samples, chops up the famous Amen break, and turns up the bass for a trip down the memory lane, in an upgraded, massive album.

Alva Noto

Xerrox Vol.4

… a kind of a journey… perhaps an inner exploration…

After five years, Carsten Nicolai returns with the fourth volume in the Xerrox series, released on his very own Noton imprint.

Gastón Arévalo


“… a rich soundtrack set amongst nature… “

Gastón Arévalo debuts on A Strangely Isolated Place with an exploratory themed album told through the lens of an expedition diary.

Christine Ott

Chimères (pour ondes Martenot)

“… a cosmic journey with cinematographic colours…”

A unique album, entirely composed for and performed on an early electronic instrument, Ondes Martenot, by one of its renown virtuoso players.

The Flashbulb

Our Simulacra

“… incredibly emotional, while at the same time playful, and most importantly intelligent flavour of electronic music…”

A new album from Benn Jordan to keep your neurons excited and your soul reminded that all of the world is a simulation!


Gap In Time

A benefit compilation raising funds for the World Health Organization to help with the COVID-19 relief


Phase In

“… a serene meditation on sound and space, capturing the quiet noises of the piano, bathing in the warm tones from the analogue machines…”

Rafael Anton Irisarri


… focusing on the personal in order to tell a wider human story…

The American master of the darker corners of ambiance is back with his deep smeared textures of noise, mortar and drone.

Ital Tek


… prone to audio hallucinations whilst writing the album, Alan Myson aimed to capture these distortions in his perception of pitch and time…

A brand new entry in Ital Tek’s sound which will take you on a cinesonic trip.



… music made by machines, with machines, for machines…

Uwe Schmidt delivers a collection of material in the genre of “hard code pop”. Download into your single-threaded process today!

“I have a fondness for strange old music from the early years of the shellac… I just love tossing those old records in a pile on the carpet as I play them… it’s a deliciously irresponsible feeling!”



The Echo Society collaborates together, challenging each other to create unique contemporary works that resonate.