Focus on Głós

“… I don’t distinguish so much between Techno and Ambient. For me, it’s the same: a soundtrack to special moments…”

“… there’s no point in wasting a lot of time on a track which obviously isn’t going to work, the listeners can hear it’s not been fun to work on…”

Luke Howard

All Of Us

“… while the music is a reflection of this artist’s personal journey through isolation, loss, and, ultimately, destiny, it is a work in which we glimpse a little of ourselves…”

Second studio album for Mercury KX by this post-classical Australian composer inspired by the predicament of humanity.

“… I do not have a concrete strategy. I would say it is more philosophy. I try to avoid too much knowledge; that way, I can keep up a playful approach…”

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch


“… how thoroughly unprepared we are for something almost all of us will experience…”

I see Ravage as a mourning diary – it’s intimate, ritualistic in the sense that some of the methods used are sometimes more to do with their symbolic meaning than with the resulting sound.


For Ukraine Mix

A hand-curated sampler mix of pieces from both volumes of our benefit compilation by ambientblog


Violet Opposition

… the emotional seepage of sound through the newly refreshed bandages of the recently healed wounds…

With Violet Opposition, Brock Van Wey floats the project into murkier waters by adding a layer of overdriven gilding to his trademark sound.