Christine Ott

Chimères (pour ondes Martenot)

“… a cosmic journey with cinematographic colours…”

A unique album, entirely composed for and performed on an early electronic instrument, Ondes Martenot, by one of its renown virtuoso players.

The Flashbulb

Our Simulacra

“… incredibly emotional, while at the same time playful, and most importantly intelligent flavour of electronic music…”

A new album from Benn Jordan to keep your neurons excited and your soul reminded that all of the world is a simulation!


Phase In

“… a serene meditation on sound and space, capturing the quiet noises of the piano, bathing in the warm tones from the analogue machines…”

Rafael Anton Irisarri

Peripeteia (Dais)

… focusing on the personal in order to tell a wider human story…

The American master of the darker corners of ambiance is back with his deep smeared textures of noise, mortar and drone.

Ital Tek


… prone to audio hallucinations whilst writing the album, Alan Myson aimed to capture these distortions in his perception of pitch and time…

A brand new entry in Ital Tek’s sound which will take you on a cinesonic trip.


<3 (Raster)

… music made by machines, with machines, for machines…

Uwe Schmidt delivers a collection of material in the genre of “hard code pop”. Download into your single-threaded process today!

“I have a fondness for strange old music from the early years of the shellac… I just love tossing those old records in a pile on the carpet as I play them… it’s a deliciously irresponsible feeling!”



The Echo Society collaborates together, challenging each other to create unique contemporary works that resonate.

An exclusive mix by Arandel featuring tracks from his new album which interpret the German composer’s sacred music into modern classical and contemporary electronic sound.

“… I looked at my shelving unit the other day and thought I could hollow out the middle row, be laid to rest in it with the records and they could just nail wood over the top and I could go into the ground with it all…”


Be Up A Hello

… a masterclass in acid breakbeat and leftfield drill’n’bass…

Tom Jenkinson returns with his first LP in the last five years, uploading the most mind-warping trajectories into your placid, fragile brain

We continue to dive into the history of electronic music, covering time-stretching, time-compressing, and pitch-shifting algorithms that all contributed towards the development of breakbeat, jungle, and drum’n’bass.

Slow Reels

Farewell Islands (Morr Music)

… an arresting, fluorescing album that blends full-frequency dronescaping with a slow-burning ambient minimalism…

A new project by Ian Hawgood and James Murray which will leave you aching for more