Mix : HC

Sound Mind

It’s been nearly a year since I sat down to put together a mix of my own. For our 60th Headphone Commute podcast, I enter the world of sound, where stillness, space, and silence are just as important as frequencies and din. For over an hour I take you through an ambient journey that slowly swells over your restless mind and brushes away all your worries and stress. Mixed as a seamless continuous piece, the selections also serve as a virtual bookmark in time of compositions from my favorite artists. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip.

[ 1983 – 2009 ]
Track Listing: Artist – Title (Edit) // Album [Label, Year]
Field Rotation – A Dimly Haze (Asleep Pt. 1)
    // And Tomorrow I Will Sleep [Hibernate, 2011]
Bvdub – These Walls Will Always Remember (For Dani)
    // Tribes At The Temple Of Silence [Home Normal, 2011]
Greg Davis – Bellingham, Washington (12/01/06) [excerpt]
    // Midpoint [Home Normal, 2009]
Tim Hecker – Hatred Of Music II
    // Ravedeath, 1972 [Kranky, 2011]
Stephan Mathieu – A Static Place I
    // A Static Place [12k, 2011]
Lawrence English – Droplet
    // A Colour For Autumn [12k, 2009]
Danny Saul – On Howard Stern
    // Kinison – Goldthwait [Hibernate, 2010]
Loscil – Névé
    // Coast/ Range/ Arc [Glacial Movements, 2011]
Yann Novak – The Breeze Blowing Over Us [excerpt]
    // The Breeze Blowing Over Us [Infrequency, 2009]
Chubby Wolf – Existence Is Both A Horizon And An Indictment
    // Los Que No Son Gentos [Dragon’s Eye, 2011]
Celer – [train excerpt]
    // Engaged Touches [Home Normal, 2009]

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