Headphone Commute Mix

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Gavin Miller is back, this time with his worriedaboutsatan project, showcasing some of his favourite pieces, including a few of his own, like the ambient version of an opener, “Dawn”, taken from his latest release for n5MD, titled Time Lapse which was only recently pressed on a beautiful forest green vinyl. We live in a strange and unstable world, but the only constant that remains is all of this music. So when I find myself overwhelmed with the latest events, I turn to meditation through sound, with a journey curated by someone else. Through this mix, I feel like we are listening together, and as such, connected again. “I made this mix with not much in mind, to be honest,” says Miller of his selection, “I’ve been listening to all sorts of music lately, and I just wanted it to be a fair reflection of that more than anything. That Selena Gomez song by the way – how is that not a Valtari-era Sigur Rós song, but without Jónsi wailing on it? Madness. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this mix – it was a lot of fun to put together!” Not sure about that crazy piercing high pitch on the Nine Inch Nails track, but I’ll forgive Trent for that anguish.


  •  worriedaboutsatanDawn (Ambient Version) [n5MD]
  •  OcoeurAscent [n5MD]
  •  CapacNight Work [This Is It Forever]
  •  Daniel McCaghLeviathan Spine [n5MD]
  •  Nine Inch NailsHope We Can Again [Null Corporation]
  •  Caroline PolachekInsomnia [Perpetual Novice]
  •  HTRKBody Lotion [Sleeperhold Publications]
  •  Mute ForestDance The Spell Off [Lost Tribe Sound]
  •  ZelienopleAmerica [Miasmah]
  •  Clams CasinoI’m God [self-released]
  •  Gavin MillerShimmer (Part 4) [Sound In Silence]
  •  OchNu:64 [Rocket Recordings]
  •  Carly Rae JepsenToo Much [Interscope]
  •  Slow Dancing SocietyA Past Time Intimate Friend [Past Inside The Present]
  •  Selena GomezLose You To Love Me [Universal]
  •  Face+HeelPier Video [Dekalog OmniWare]
  •  worriedaboutsatanFull Of Wires [unreleased]