Dag Rosenqvist

Headphone Commute Mix

Nine years ago (damn!), Dag Rosenqvist made a mix for Headphone Commute under his Jasper TX moniker (listen to From Midnight To Sunlight). Since then he has produced numerous albums under his real name, many of which, like Vowels (2015), elephant (2016), and Hello Darkness (2017) were featured on these pages. I’ve been way overdue on checking in with Dag to see what he’s been up to, so I thought it only appropriate to ask him for a mix, selecting music that has moved him, to share with my readers. Here it is then, a very eclectic journey, featuring some fascinating tracks that have even grabbed at my attention. I hope that it inspires you. Enjoy!


1. Dödens Dal – Det som följer
2. Oneohtrix Point Never – Connie
3. Mattias Alkberg – Ingen sömn på Stengatan
4. Jason Sharp – A Boat Upon Its Blood (Pt 3)
5. Lingua Ignota – God Gave Me No Name
6. Joachim Nordvall – Soul Vibration
7. Midaircondo – Closer / Veins
8. Små vågor – Gravitationellt kluster
9. Kite - Nocturne
10. Lana Del Rey – Video Games
11. Andrea Belfi - Ton
12. Hans Zimmer – Where We’re Going
13. Domus – Music Time