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This quiet Wednesday morning seems like an appropriate time to begin a day with another Headphone Commute Mix. Today’s selection is curated by Aaron Martin, whose discovery not only blankets many notable labels, such as Fluid AudioDronarivm, Facture, Preservation, Experimedia, Eilean, Lost Tribe Sound and many more but also extends to his collaborations with Dag Rosenqvist (who, also, by the way, made us a Headphone Commute mix) as a very special project they named From The Mouth Of The Sun. So, as you can imagine, I’m pretty excited and honoured to host this exclusive mix, where Aaron selects his favourites for your ears and for your commute. As usual, this is a type of entry that deserves more music and less words, so enjoy and support the featured artists!


  • 0:00Purl & protoUSub Life (Dronarivm)
  • 9:49offtheskyEyes Like Isles (eilean rec.)
  • 16:32UmbertoLeafless Tree (Thrill Jockey)
  • 22:09Giulio AldinucciThe Bridge (Hibernate/Dronarivm)
  • 26:27Ben ChatwinBow Shock (Paul Corley Remix) (Village Green Recordings)
  • 35:12Matt ChristensenLos Angeles (Miasmah Recordings)
  • 40:17Dag RosenqvistLeave Everything You Love Behind (Hidden Vibes)
  • 47:33SeabuckthornI Encountered Only Dark (eilean rec.)
  • 50:21M. GrigH (12k)
  • 55:42Lake Mary…And Further West [excerpt] (eilean rec.)
  • 58:12r benygrinnell (self-released)