I first came across Tympanik Audio, a Chicago based label with the dark electronic roster, late in 2007, with their first double compilation release, Emerging Organisms. In the first months of 2008, I reviewed an intelligent rhythmic industrial album by Totakeke, ELekatota. But with this fourth catalog release, I can shamelessly proclaim that Tympanik has struck gold. With the release of Approach, Tympanik is quickly gaining momentum to the ranks of the beloved Hymen and Ad Noiseam. Subheim is the brainchild of Greek composer, Kostas K, whose complete biography is shadowed by the haunting sounds and occasional sighing voices of Katja. The organic elements of piano, cello, and ambient atmospheres are struck with slow building crispy beats and bitcrushed digital sounds. Approach is Subheims debut album. It perfectly encompasses all of my favorite elements: orchestral, cinematic, dark, crunchy, rhythmic, and extremely musical. “Moved by subjects such as urban isolation and the outburst of mankind’s deepest emotions, Subheim delivers the ideal soundtrack for those moments of chaos or melancholy reflections.” After half a dozen listens and consecutive ratings of five stars on my playlist, I give up and throw my hands in the air. I refuse to rate music with numbers, so hopefully these words will speak for themselves, as I attempt to contain my excitement for Subheim. Being filed right along my top favorite artists in the genre, Architect, Kattoo, Hecq, Lusine Icl, Arovane, Gridlock and Aaron Spectre. Highly recommended! Do not miss this next step in evolution of electronic music.