Diana Yukawa


Diana Yukawa is an award-winning solo violinist who combines elements of electronica with modern and contemporary classical sound. Her new album is titled Spirals released on her very own Longbody Music after five solo albums with Sony Music. Working with the violin as a diverse instrument in a classical sense has allowed this Japanese-English artist to combine elements of its natural, organic, and song-evoking nature with post-electronic sound treatments, synthetic percussion and strong vibrating bass, into a cinematic experience. Here, the music leans closer to its classical origins, borrowing from its electronic cousin, and thereby¬†bridging the audiences from across the genres for a single unified experience. “Her new album is informed by both the global pandemic and her own personal lockdown, where she chose to temporarily step back from music and focus on family life, motherhood and adapting to life in the country.”

Everything in life inspires my music though, from the big things, like becoming a mother for the first time, moving away from London, to the small everyday happenings. Music is a form of therapy for me, I find it so healing to be able to put everything in my mind and heart into music, because so often words can’t convey or hold true to what’s going on – so music is my outlet.

— Diana Yukawa

The album is out September 30th via Longbody Music.