David Newman

Audiobulb Label Mix

With the Daylight Savings Time I now wake up into complete darkness. My room in pitch black and my alarm blinking 6:00, I drag myself towards a fresh cup of coffee and the studio. As the caffeine slowly spreads throughout my system, light begins to pour into my room, and music fills the emptiness left briefly by the past night’s dreams and nightmares. This is how another day begins. Today I begin my day with a very special Audiobulb label showcase mixed by its founder, David Newman, also recording under his moniker Autistici:

Thank you for the invite to compile a mix for your listeners. I have prepared a menu containing twelve audio mushrooms, each one a delicacy. Recent releases have focused on delicate microsound, environmental ambience, subtle beats and classical elegance and beauty. On behalf of all the audiobulb artists we wish the followers of Headphone Commute all the best and hope you enjoy this mix.

00:00 Russ Young – Cricket Pitch
06:22 Yuki Aida & Tomotsugu Nakamura – Deca
09:44 Marihiko Hara – Motif
13:08 Man Eat Fish – Duality
16:29 Klein – In Bloom
20:07 Xumla – Neverphone
21:58 Aria Rostami – Cleare (Shawn Dickerson Remix)
27:41 Autistici – Meditation on Distance
36:32 Pascal Savy – Oblique
45:04 The OO-Ray – Bubbaly
48:57 Causeyoufair – There I Lay & Time Imperfections
53:06 Monty Adkins – Soliloquy

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