Roel Funcken
Fes Bace
Eat Concrete
In 2010, Funckarma‘s member Roel Funcken (the other half is his brother, Don), released his solo debut, Vade on Ad Noiseam. A year later, Funcken moved over to Eat Concrete, where the brothers have introduced their loyal fans to to the Dubstoned series, as well as Roel’s Daze Flextone EP and now the followup, Fes Bace. On this four track EP, Funcken rips through sounds, processing them into a crispy palette of digital elements, until they sound unlike anything you have ever heard, effortlessly blending elements of glitchy IDM with low dropping dubstep rhythms. It’s no surprise to hear “the step” in Roel’s production after announcing the move in our 2010 interview. What’s surprising is that there’s no full length! Alas, you can comfortably pair Fes Bace with Scure, released just a few months prior.

Retort / The Centrifuge
Twisting and stretching everything in his path, Lodsb unleashes a cacophony of digital signal processing on his second full length, Aero, jointly released by The Centrifuge and Retort Records. Available on vinyl as well as FREE download, Aero, takes the listener through an abstract world of micro sound crunching, glitching and misfiring. No sonic element is left unturned, unwraped or unwarped. Two years in the making, the album is definitely a delight for any DSP junkie, sound designer, or just pure geek. Previously appearing on Clicks & Cuts 5.0 – Paradigm Shift (Mille Plateaux, 2010), as well as releasing his first full length on Force Intel, Lazer.Eyes.Love, Lodsb would appeal to fans of Hecq, Access To Arasaka, Funckarma, and many other purveyors of crunchy IDM! Not an easy listen, but worth the trip.

Bubble Control
We last heard from Dave Tipper when he released his 10th album, Broken Soul Jamboree, on his very own Tippermusic. And if that was not enough DSP tweaking for you, get ready for Bubble Control, where Tipper sprinkles head bopping beats with an intense array of plops and bleeps. Extremely wobbly, bubbly and funky, this EP of only four tracks will get your mind spinning as it tries to make sense of all the goodness dropped in one shot! The saw-tooth monster bass comes alive and almost begins to lay down the rhymes with its venom dripping mouth over the glitchy breaks and beats. Oh, and if that’s not enough, there’s the Snake Eyes EP, released earlier in the year, on which Tipper deconstructs musical tones into abstract clones even further. Get this!

Vittoria Fleet
Kissing Cousins EP
Seemingly coming out of nowhere is this mysterious London and Berlin based group formed in 2009. Vittoria Fleet‘s first EP is self-released, but unmistakably shows signs of talented production. The five glitchy tracks feature a Björk-esque vocals layered over IDM beats and shuffles. The soft glimmering female voice seems to effortlessly surf over the darker raging rhythms, heavily processed and textured with clearly audible influences of Chris Clark, Tim ExileEfterklang and Apparat. On instrumental only tracks (like the 10-minute “Sàvuca”), Vittoria Fleet showcases exceptional restraint in soundscaping, evoking deep and vast ambiance that would make the fans of hibernate jealous. Can’t wait to hear more from this project and hope they’ll get picked up by a label for a full length release!