Roel Funcken

RerCury MetroGrade

Welcome to another chapter in Headphone Commute podcasts. It’s our 101st installment! I hope you’ve been enjoying this show. Today we welcome back one of my all-time favorite artists, Roel Funcken. Back in February, Funcken shared with us an exclusive mix of his favorite selections, in his Foel Runcken’s Waistbend Fall Mix. On this Rercury Metrograde mix, Funcken offers a collection of unreleased tracks, remixes, and more than handful of selections from his latest full length release – Mercury Retrograde (yes, you see the play on syllables there). The album is being released TODAY (Sept, 4th) on the always fantastic Schematic Records (home of Phoenecia, Richard Devine, Kiyo and many others). So if you dig these tracks, please support the artist, and be sure to purchase your copy directly from the label. Now sit back, close your eyes, and get ready for a wild ride! It’s going to be one you’ll remember…

Cover art by shift. |

Tracklisting: Num.-Title-Artist-Release
01Mesmer-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde
02Hallstreak Foles -Roel Funcken-Unreleased
03Boose Gumps-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde
04Jeptic Une -Roel Funcken-Unreleased
05Buron Hin -Roel Funcken-Unreleased
06Zarwone-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde
07Frozen instr-Funckarma & Dream-Ventcha tru Da Vortexxx
08Scure-Roel Funcken-Scure
09Cork Walls-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde
10Torrance-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde
11Luna Tuft -Roel Funcken & TJ Dimoon-Unreleased
12ALH84001-Roel Funcken-Fes Bace
13Fliquid Low-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde
14Bextures Teeth-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde
15Smart ambient (Roel Funcken rmx)-Known Rebel-Mercury Retrograde
16Smart (Roel Funcken rmx)-Known Rebel-Hollow
17Gangsta Riddim (Roel Funcken rmx)-Scanone-Mercury Retrograde
18Beaser -Roel Funcken-Unreleased
19Mesosphere-Roel Funcken-Unreleased
20Subject Matter-Roel Funcken-Skinetic Culpture
21Skinetic Culpture-Roel Funcken-Fes Bace
22Metheus-Roel Funcken-Unreleased
23Cybot-Roel Funcken-Electronic Explorations compilation
24Skone Branner-Roel Funcken-Unreleased
25Kokon Funckarma rmx)-Onionboy-Rusty Kokon ep
26Qintazm-Roel Funcken-Unreleased
27Drecha-Roel Funcken-Unreleased
28Vixen-Ard Bit & Roel Funcken & Jor Mesin-Unreleased
29Mercury Retrograde-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde
30Spletch (Roel Funcken rmx)-Julien Mier-Fes Bace
31Troposphere-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 2
32Dialp-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde
33Deer-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde

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