Roel Funcken

Autotroph (Part 1)

Roel Funcken is unstoppable. I don’t know where he finds the time (or the inspiration), but I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to host yet another one of his immersive mixes. If you thought that his last, 4.5 hour long, The Voynich Manuscript Mix was a doozy, get ready for a journey that is nearly 8 hours long! That’s right! Thankfully, I’ve convinced Funcken to break it down into 4 consumable pieces, and today [at only 2 hours in length!] I am honored to present you with the first part! In the coming weeks we will unveil the remaining pieces, but until then, you are welcome to download the entire mix here (if you’re brave enough).

Photo © Hior Chronik

01.Under Chandeliers_Pinkcourtesyphone_Under Chandeliers
03.Secretly Wishing for Rain_Rafael Anton Irisarri_A Fragile Geography
04.World War 0_Tsone_Dovetail
05.After a Storm_Western Skies Motel_Settlers
07.Strange Dies, Too_Dolor_Gun City
08.Uniformity Is Undesirable_Christopher Bissonnette_Essays in Idleness
10.Left_Solo Andata_In The Lens
11.Black Beach (Tape Version Remix)_Deru_1979: Remixed
12.Hymn To The Idea Of Night_Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker_Fantasma Parastasie
13.Loire_Benoît Pioulard_Thine
14.Back To Belgrade_Clark_The Last Panthers
16.00:26:00_Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm_Trance Frendz
17.House On The River_Abul Mogard_Circular Forms
18.Part Two_Jared Smith_Fjall
19.February Dawn_Wil Bolton_February Dawn
20.Bijie Dream (8 x Stretched)_Tim Hecker_Love Streams
21.Deep Corridor_Brambles_Charcoal (2014 Special Edition)
22.Broken Glass_Zes_Darkened
23.Plainchant_Benoît Pioulard_Noyaux
25.Outro_Woulg_Tiny Moon
26.End Of Good Discipline_Willamette_Diminished Composition
27.Until Time Sits By Your Side_Arash Akbari_Cracked Echoes
28.Blurring Contentment_Siavash Amini_Subsiding

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