Roel Funcken

Lyra Vistro

W00t w00t! Another Headphone Commute mix! And this is #185 by my counts – has it really been this many? And was the last Roel Funcken contribution towards this podcast more than a year ago – the Healing Emplinx back in May of 2014? That can’t be! I’m not sure what’s happening to time – I need a way to slow it down, and even my silent retreats are not exactly helping when I’m mindless in the daily grind. Speaking of the daily grind – I hope this Vistro Lyra mix will help you as much through your day, as it does with mine, with many beautiful IDM pieces, including a few (ahem!) UNDISCLOSED pieces which I am honored to have Roel featured! Enjoy this bit of brain candy on your daily commute, and welcome to September!

Be sure to also check out the latest release by Legiac (that’s Cor Bolten + Roel Funcken) titled The Faex has Decimated, now available directly on Funckarma’s bandcamp page!

Tracklisting: #-Title-Artist-Release
01-Remnants-Max Cooper & Tom Hodge-Artefact EP
02-Shokcwavv ( GENERATE rmx )-Marsman-Subconscious
03-Harmoniak Balna-Trdlx-Dystopia
05-Pisces-Syl Kougaï-ΙΧΘΥΣ
06-Ghetto Inside (Legiac rmx)-Dn Fnckn-Touched remixes
07-Hopper-The Fear Ratio-Refuge of a Twisted Soul
09-Illusion of Seclusion-Photay-Photay
10-Row Glodation-Legiac-The Faex has Decimated
12-Ashford Swaithes-ALSO-EP01
13-The Launching Of Big Face-Plaid-Greedy Baby
15-aBliss-The Flashbulb-aBliss
16-Tether (Roel Funcken rmx)-PlaidSoundcloud
17-Bike-Autechre-In Cuna Bula
18-Mormon Shuffle-JoeFarr-Longanimity EP
19-Ephemeris-Wisp-Touched two
20-Thaem nue-Arovane-Atol Scrap
22-Still Seas / Just Mortal-Second Storey-Margosa Heights
23-Sprain Detaxx-Legiac-The Faex has Decimated
24-100HM-Hudson Mohawke-Grand Theft Auto V
25-BGMREM-Geskia!-Silent Of Light
26-Sect-The Fear Ratio-Refuge of a Twisted Soul
27-Echo In (Rival Consoles Remix)-Vessels-Echo In (Remixes)
28-Odd Job-Phoenecia-Brownout
29-Ninth Wave-Trifonic-Ninth Wave
30-Ferm-The Fear Ratio-Refuge of a Twisted Soul
31-Remnants (Plaid Remix)-Max Cooper & Tom Hodge-Artefact Remixes EP
32-Inner Light (Roel Funcken rmx)-Mitoma-Iso:Reform
33-till its over-mr. carmack-Soundcloud
34-Everything Is Violence-Lorn-Ask the Dust
35-Monolite-The Flashbulb-aBliss
37-Conflicted-Billain-Critical Presents: Binary (Vol. 3)

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