I’ve got another special treat for you this Tuesday morning? Why? Because I love you, of course! Here’s a two-plus-hour journey into some of the most beautiful music you will hear (until next time, on Headphone Commute), selected by the one and only Roel Funcken, who has graced our ears with his intricate picks, mixdowns, and, most importantly, his very own tracks, appearing on this Calabi-Yau Manifold Mix. The Calabi-Yau manifold is a special type of topological space from mathematics and algebraic geometry, and is used in superstring theory for extra dimensions of spacetime for the six “unseen” dimensions. Just like the music itself, which is compiled from many unreleased pieces (including those of Funcken) – see full tracklisting below, and be sure to check out his most recent new track, titled “Balaklavskiy Prospex”, in the embedded video below!


01 -Montauk -Purl -Evighet
02 -Some Whispers -Edamame -[via XLR8R]
03 -Motion -Medasin -Soundcloud
04 -Dubnezz Damox -Roel Funcken -Unreleased
05 -Allure -Emperor -Allure
06 -SPTCL J05465345 -Astroposer -Unreleased
07 -Guatemala -Strehlow -Soundcloud
08 -Cleyes -Roel Funcken -Unreleased
10 -Border Song -Omega Clash -EP1
11 -Entruder -Dolor -Gun City
12 -Source (Evac rmx) -Evac -Ion Driver Presents:
13 -Friday Marmite -Chris Clark -Friday’ Demos
14 -Transmission02 -Syl Kougaï -Transmission
15 -Eyes (Roel Funcken rmx) -Carbinax -Snowglobe Citizen
16 -Under the Spell -Comit -Short Trips
17 -Point -Moduleset -Fissure EP
18 -Mantikythera Echanism -Legiac -The Faex has Decimated
19 -Metropoles -Dolor -Gun City
20 -Brick Lorn Edit -Lorn -Self Confidence Vol. 3
21 -Indoors -Reverbal Sign -Silent Fog EP
22 -Mixology (Roel Funcken rmx) -Kypski -Unreleased
23 -Zheng -Coubo -Zheng
24 -Other Form of Matter -Roel Funcken -Unreleased
25 -Hair by Debbie -Lorn -Self Confidence Vol. 3
26 -Dark Fields (Roel Funcken rmx) -Huron -Iridium Flare
27 -6th Rodea -Karen Lust -Bergensbanen
28 -Styx -Roel Funcken -Iridium Flare
29 -Humanoid (Mystery Artist rmx 2016) -Stakker -Soundcloud
30 -Islands of Glass -Rob Clouth -Clockwork Atom EP
31 -Postpartum (Dorian Concept Remix) -Taylor McFerrin -Soundcloud
32 -Bleu Oscillant -Kangding Ray -Cory Arcane
33 -Dilute -Venuq -Unreleased
34 -Who Knows? (Roel Funcken rmx) -Weird Inside -Soundcloud
35 -Faith In Strangers -Andy Stott -Faith In Strangers
36 -An Odd Place -Amb -Projects
37 -Sprain Detaxx -Legiac -The Faex has Decimated
38 -And Fill The Void (4Flexx Remix) -Jan Amit -And Fill The Void
39 -Let Me (Alex Banks Remix) -Robot Koch -MTR RMX RSD 2015
40 -555-5555 -Lorn -Self Confidence Vol. 3
41 -Daybreak -Eletric Mantis -Soundcloud
42 -Vertox Dreaming -Roel Funcken -Vade
43 -Sedna When -Woulg -Tiny Moon
44 -Straight Murder -Droeloe -Soundcloud
45 -Rumspål -Sofus Forsberg -Udefra
46 -Mushroom Hop -K.L.O. -ACID SCRATCH
47 -LEFT SIDE -Lorn -Self Confidence Vol. 3
48 -One Way to Mars -Bop -Punk’s Not Dead LP
49 -Last Light -Mark Kloud -Last Light
50 -Balaklavskiy Prospex -Roel Funcken -Unreleased
51 -Four (Rival Consoles Remix) -Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm -Erased Tapes Collection VII