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Summer is almost over. I just took some time to travel a bit again, and as usual, when I return, it’s always difficult to get back into the swing of things. Thankfully, I have an easy task ahead of me today because Roel Funcken has done all the work for me. If you have a keen eye, you may have noticed that today I’m only publishing the first section of a 6-part (9+ hours!) Gorreliann Plasebant mix, which I will link to in its entirety at the end of this series, in which Roel traverses some of his favourite ambient and contemporary classical pieces of the day. I love every minute of it and look forward to revealing each part every week, seamlessly taking us from the end of summer into the beginning of fall. Let’s hope that I can keep this going through September! But for now, enough words! Enjoy the music! And don’t forget to check out Funcken’s latest output as part of Funckarma and Legiac, which you can find on his Bandcamp. Oh, and all artwork is taken from Roel’s original acrylic paintings!


  •  Olli AarniHuoneen Yllä
  •  blochemyamy
  •  KMRUoptions
  •  ‘t GeruisAway Away
  •  Mind over MIDIFriction
  •  Solo AndataMidnight
  •  Wil BoltonSwept
  •  KMRUits
  •  blochemylein
  •  blochemyale
  •  Mind over MIDIEvolve 2
  •  KMRUtor
  •  Solo AndataThe Echo’s Left Behind
  •  ‘t GeruisIn Purple
  •  Mind over MIDIEvolve 3
  •  blochemyteine
  •  Sonmi451A Taste For Vicarious Pleasure
  •  KMRUbelong
  •  Roel FunckenGorreliann plasebant 2
  •  r benyglowing dawn, across the river
  •  Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm20:17