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We’re almost halfway through the series, and today, I’m publishing the fourth instalment of this 6-part mix by Roel Funcken. How are you getting on with it? Don’t forget that I’ll share the full, uninterrupted, 9+ hour continuous journey once this podcast series is completed. I can tell you that I’ve personally listened more than a couple of times to each entry, noticing the tiny nuances that are the handiwork of Funcken, who is not only the selector but also the navigator of this trip but is also a bit of a producer behind the transitions – not only using volume to fade in and out but also a few time-based effects here and there (delay, reverb, etc.) to create seamless transitions between each piece. It’s not something you usually notice in mixes, but I can tell you that Funcken has consistently been doing that in his. If you’re new to this series, check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


  •  Taylor Deupree & Marcus FischerForetelling
  •  Solo AndataHer Face Soft As Sleep
  •  ‘t GeruisRester
  •  KMRUstrain
  •  Tim HeckerLotus Light
  •  Kane IkinFallen on Strings
  •  Sonmi451Painting The Lily
  •  omrrYour Heartless Sky
  •  Abul MogardStaring at the sweeps of the desert
  •  Olli AarniYlhäällä
  •  Olli AarniAlhaalla
  •  Wil BoltonEdges
  •  blochemymane