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It is Tuesday morning, and perhaps you’re on your way to work. Or maybe you’re already in front of the computer reading through those emails that can surely ruin your day. Or perhaps you’re just waking up to all the possibilities this day may come to offer. Being open to the “good” and the “bad” without colouring these with your expectations and simply watching things unfold — the way a flower would without judgment. To help you onboarding for your day (even if you’re not listening to this on another Tuesday morning), I’ve got a second part of Roel Funcken‘s Gorreliann Plasebant mix, which I am publishing in six parts over the upcoming weeks, as we transition into another season. Once again, I want to point your eye to the beautiful original artwork created by Funcken himself using acrylic paint and point your ear to his skill at seamlessly transitioning between the selected pieces, taking us on a gorgeous journey through another Tuesday morning. Enjoy!


  •  WarmthNineteen Eighty (1980)
  •  NestStillness
  •  Maps and DiagramsTalavera
  •  Bing & RuthTWTGA
  •  Mind over MIDIImbalance
  •  Wil BoltonGoing Nowhere
  •  KMRUmotley
  •  Tim HeckerAnxiety
  •  Olli AarniAallokossa
  •  blochemynumi
  •  KMRU & Aho SsanRebirth
  •  IlluviaAura
  •  loscilDrained Lake
  •  Erik K SkodvinEtching An Entrance
  •  Rafael Anton IrisarriLit A Dawn
  •  WarmthNineteen Eighty (1980) (Tobias Hellkvist Remix)
  •  Seaworthy & Taylor DeupreeWood
  •  OZMOTIC | FENNESZSenzatempo