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September’s upon us, and just as predicted, this third part of the 9+ hour Gorreliann Plasebant mix by Roel Funcken serves as a type of bond, creating continuation in a somewhat fragmented turn of events. As if on cue, the temperature dropped, and the weather has changed, and the sunshine and warmth are somewhere in the memory, recalled through some words and, of course, through this music. There are lots of great pieces on here as well, painting the Autumn sky with the colours of sound, and as usual with these travels, I should let all these tracks do the talking instead. Once again, the azure gorgeous sphere is courtesy of the original artwork created by Funcking with acrylic paint. And yes, once I finish the series, I will share the mix in its entirety. Enjoy! You can find the first two episodes here:


  •  Tim HeckerWinter Cop
  •  ToànInland
  •  ‘t GeruisThe Kindest Touch
  •  SOLO ANDATADrop Canvas
  •  Western Skies MotelFalling Leaves
  •  IlluhaAikou
  •  OZMOTIC | FENNESZFloating Time
  •  Sonmi451Hyperbole
  •  SecedeBallroom Arcade
  •  Deaf CenterFollow Still
  •  Taylor DeupreeMinism
  •  Kane Ikin +David WenngrenCall
  •  DeruPathologically Bored (Remix)
  •  NestThe Dying Roar
  •  KMRUorna
  •  Sonmi451A Nice Little Quandary
  •  Stijn Hüwels + YadaynPale Hills