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Arriving at part five of a 9+ hour ambient mix by Roel Funcken, I am exactly with it as intended. This is a continuous ambient journey, serving as a bridge between fragmented times, uniting days and months into a single voyage. For a while, I’ve had an image in my mind as if we all move in a circle, approaching seasons in their respective physical locations (winter is on top), traversing time as we rotate on the perimeter. I wonder where it’s from? Perhaps they showed me that in elementary school, and it stuck. Do you, as well, have that peculiar perception? But what if we stand still and time moves through us like a tape? An endless river of events arrives from the unknown into the present and finally recedes into the past. And we are nothing but observers… You can find the previous four parts right here. I’ll see you on the other side!


  •  ASCNothing to Lose
  •  Taylor DeupreeAutum
  •  ‘t GeruisSweet Tumult, Love You Autumn Child
  •  Solo AndataDawn Chorus
  •  Markus GuentnerMagnetar
  •  Abul MogardBlack Dust
  •  Florian T M ZeisigDad Is Painting Again
  •  Sonmi451White Horses On The Waves
  •  ASC(Event #4)
  •  r benyglisten
  •  Marcus FischerHome
  •  Taylor DeupreeSundown