I’m very excited to share today’s podcast with you!!! OK, three more exclamation points!!! Today we’ve got an exclusive, dirty, raunchy, grimey mix from the one and only Roel Funcken, tricking it up with glitch, dark IDM, and saw-tooth dubstep, plus a few more surprises here and there… You’re going to want to turn up the volume on this one, boys and girls… Trust me on this…

Check out Headphone Commute’s review of Funcken’s Fes Bace featuring tracks in this very mix!

roelfuncken.com | funckarma.com

Graphic design by Timothée Mathelin aka shift. (futurorg.com)

   Title                     artist             release
01 Torrance                 -Roel Funcken      -Mercury Retrograde
02 Ghost and the Darkness   -Dope D.O.D.       -Branded
03 Due Tratt                -Roel Funcken      -Skinetic Culpture
04 The Symbiote             -Eprom             -Pipe Dream
05 Frozen                   -Dream/Funckarma   -Ventcha tru da Vortexx
06 Smart(RoelFunckenrmx)    -Known Rebel       -Hollow
07 Textures                 -Roel Funcken      -Mercury Retrograde
08 Dogness                  -Phoenecia         -Demissions
09 ALH84001                 -Roel Funcken      -Fes Bace
10 Sleepless                -Benton            -Wormholes
12 Rusty W                  -Funckarma         -Rusty Kokon
13 Mr. Kitschock            -Brothomstates     -Claro
14 Therapy                  -j: Kenzo          -Ruffhouse
15 Skinetic Culpture        -Roel Funcken      -Fes Bace
16 Illy                     -Kahn              -Illy/Tehran
17 Take Off                 -Kuedo             -Videowave
18 Clipper(Subjex origamix) -Vaexth            -Mass
19 Vanquish                 -Reso              -Ishimura
20 Cybot                    -Roel Funcken      -Mercury Retrograde
21 None an Island           -Lorn              -Nothing Else
22 Mercury Retrograde       -Roel Funcken      -Mercury Retrograde
23 Livelihoods              -Phoenecia         -Demissions
24 Spletch(RoelFunckenrmx)  -Julien Mier       -Fes Bace
25 Kokon (Funckarma rmx)    -Onionboy          -Rusty Kokon
26 The Elusive 01           -Hybris            -The Elusive 01
27 Messier Object M92       -Roel Funcken      -Mercury Retrograde
28 Aether Nsr 02            -Miguel Eedl       -unreleased
29 Global                   -Sabre             -Zero Seven Zero

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