Sun in Aquarius

Enig’matik Records

If you have been following my musings throughout the years, you know that I have previously sang praises to the Australian Enig’matik Records run and operated by Jake Rose, aka Sun in Aquarius. Specializing in spectacular sound design, glitchy IDM, and emotional electronica, the label has been trudging along with a steady release schedule of digital EPs and compilations. For today’s podcast, Sun In Aquarius prepares an exclusive mix showcasing much of the upcoming music from the label. I hope that you enjoy these sounds and in the process support the label – it’s an important platform for the evolution of music.

1. Mind Tree – Close your eyes so you can see
2. Clockvice – The Way it All Went Down
3. Oddlogic – Untitled
4. M-koda – Glow
5. Si begg – Still Rain (Sun in Aquarius Remix)
6. M-koda – Principles
7. Autodream – Forgotten Dream
8. Auma – Second Guessing
9. Woulg – Hollow
10. Theophany – Ghost
11. Mind Tree – Juniper
12. Sigur ros – Varúð
13. Solar Fields – Until we Meet the Sky

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