Track of the Week : Funckarma

Reasch EP

I guess that with the review of Roel Funcken’s – Vade, Interview with Roel Funcken, and now this EP from Funckarma, it’s officially the Funcken Week here, on Headphone Commute!!!

The selection this week, is another mini-snippet-mix from the upcoming Funckarma release on SHIPWREC, titled Reascg EP. This is a 6 minute mashup of all four tracks, Reasch, TRrnt, Spud Bencer and Grone. The EP is scheduled to be released sometime in September, and is announced to be the official follow up to the duo’s Vell Vagranz (N5MD, 2008).

Mmmm. Yes, Mr. Candyman, I’ll have that waffle cone with some of that crunchy crispy goodness, a layer of dub-infused bass, dipped in broken glitchy beats, and a few acid sprinkles. Delicious.