Music For Bending Light And Stopping Time

Sit down. Stop thinking for a while. That thought? Let it go. Let it all go. Call it meditation, call it concentration, call it what you will, but let it go. That thought? Be above it and let it pass. Watch the thought pass through your mind. It passes, as the air through your lungs passes. It passes, as the blood through your heart passes. It goes, as the river through the earth goes. It goes, as the time through the universe goes. So let it go. Now hear this music. Listen. Let the music pass through you as the light passes through the cells. Now turn your head sideways, and bend the light. Slightly. At the bottom of that curve, all ceases to exist. This is where time stops. Now step inside.
Oh… hey there…

(entries are listed in alphabetical order by artist. links point to album reviews on headphone commute)
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