Sound Postcard : Autistici

Endcliffe Park

Welcome to another entry in our new Sound Postcards chapter, featuring sounds from your favorite artists. Today we present you a submission from David Newman, (Autistici), the man behind Audiobulb Records. Here are his words:

Endcliffe Park is a large park in the city of SheffieldSouth YorkshireEngland. The park was opened in 1887 to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

Endcliffe Park comprises parkland as well as woodland. The portion along Rustlings Road is grassy and used as a recreation whilst the Northern border, separated from the recreation grounds by the Porter Brook, is woodland, and is traversed by many paths.

The entrance to the park was a toll bar on the Hathersage Road, next to the entrance is a Grade II listed pavilion.

Behind the park is a smaller Victorian park which has been closed for many years and despite access being restricted by a wooden fence, depending on the season, a band stand can still be seen by visitors to the Park.

And here are the sounds: