Forgive me for a quick reminder that the war in Ukraine is escalating as we speak. You know that I haven’t been political on this platform, but in this case, it’s more obvious for me to ask for help. After all, I was born in Kyiv. There is nothing new to say about the atrocities that still continue to go on. So I will simply speak with music. To raise more funds before the end of the year, which will be donated to support displaced children and families, I have put up the entire HC discography on Bandcamp for 30% off. So you get all three volumes of For Ukraine plus “… and darkness came” benefit compilation in one shot. That’s over 150 tracks for only $30 (or more if you are feeling generous during this holiday season). Perhaps you have supported in the past, and I sincerely thank you for that! So maybe you can share this with your friends, or buy them this bundle as a present? Thank you, again, and I appreciate all of your help!