Release Notes

Label: Dronarivm
Released: June 1, 2020
Mastered By: Porya Hatami
Artwork By: Staszek Sokołowski
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Earlier this year, the founder of the Moscow-based Dronarivm imprint, Dmitry Taldykin, along with the label’s curator, Bartosz Dziadosz (aka Pleq) reached out to the music community with an aim of creating a benefit compilation, with its total proceeds donated to a charity of choice. This was in January. As time went on, the world changed, and the global pandemic set in, the focus on its purpose and the urgency became more acute. In the following months, as each country enacted its own lockdown measures, composers contributed unreleased pieces, which were mastered by Porya Hatami, and finally collected in this wonderful compilation titled Gap In Time. Look at the lineup and admire the selection of pieces from the artists of ambient, modern classical, and electronic music. The release features Christopher Bissonnette, Bruno Sanfilippo, offthesky, Antonymes, Olan Mill, Segue, Spheruleus, Elegi, Autistici, The Green Kingdom, The Frozen Vaults, Philippe Lamy, among the many others! OK, I’ve also contributed a track. So it’s a little immodest for me to apply all this praise to a self-involved project. But that doesn’t prevent me from lauding the music, all of the artists, and most of all, its core cause. All of the money raised by the sales will be donated to the World Health Organization (WHO) to help with the COVID-19 relief. So your contribution is extremely valued.

The concept of the compilation itself was very plain. Together with Dmitry, we’ve asked artists befriended with our record label Dronarvim for a composition which would be truly unique and still not released anywhere. Apart from the permanent composers connected with our record label, a few new names appear, for example of two Polish artists.

— Bartosz Dziadosz

The compilation is available as a digital download via the label’s Bandcamp page, starting at just €1, but of course, we hope that you can give a little more…