Release Notes

Label: Rhodium
Release: If I Don’t See You Again
Date: July 30, 2021
Mastered By: Nathan Moody

Music and movement. Harmony and emotion. Rhythm and heartbeat. These frequency ratios and time-slicing beats somehow translate into all of these functions that make us alive. There’s something in music that makes us connect to the sequence of notes, the flow of dynamics, the arc of its tale. I know that when I ask a dancer to interpret my piece, I do not give them direction, I even hold back most of the story and let them instead discover their own. In the culmination of projects where my music and dance came together, I’ve always witnessed something purely magical unfold right in front of my eyes: another person was flowing through my music – unspoken emotion translated through sound has entered their body which now transitioned through mind, time and space. This was my ultimate connection with another human being. Incredibly surreal and intimately intense. I wonder how Ben Moore felt when he first observed Mary Madeline Scott dance to his piece, “Hold Your Own” – the first single from BPMoore‘s upcoming album, If I Don’t See You Again, on Rhodium on July 30th. Well, I don’t want to spoil this video for you, and I hope we speak of this album once more, once it’s out this summer! Meanwhile, enjoy the video…

This album was born out of my own longing for connection with other humans over the past few years — to reconnect with important people in my life from the past and to appreciate the dear friends in my life today, to build relationships and help one another, to listen, to learn, to experience things together and influence one another in positive ways, to work together in the spirit of cooperation. It’s a need to reach out and be in the moment as though it might be the last time we see each other. For me, it’s easy to get stuck in the cycles of daily routine, thinking everything is permanent and forgetting we are constantly in a state of arrival and departure and that things are always changing. This album is an appreciation of how we are all connected, like strands to a whole; a wider family.

— BPMoore