Unseed (Arboretum)

It’s a new day, a new opportunity to start over, and we’ve got a brand new release on a new series on a label I never knew. Hanami Series is a specially designed “object-release” publishing once a year on Berlin-based Arboretum imprint, between April and May, and its first ever release is an album by Øe, a project by none other than Farmacia901‘s Fabio Perletta! This ambient work is based a wordplay between “unseen” and “seed” and is Perletta’s follow up to Transfer (Murmur, 2012). At once minimal, organic and serene, Unseed is immediately apt for all your daily meditations…

Taking inspiration from the Japanese Hanami, a widespread tradition of contemplating the transit beauty of the nature, this series comes bundled with 5 original japanese cherry tree seeds + cd album.
More info and a link to buy :