Release Notes

Label: Denovali
Release: Glam Tear Stain
Date: October 25, 2019

As I prepare this morning’s video premiere, I gather some notes about a composer I am about to unveil. David Norland. Why does that name sound familiar? I search in my site archives. I search in my playlists. I search in my email, and finally, I come upon an announcement of his debut LP on Denovali back in October of 2019. Wait a second. A year ago? I feel like I just read all about it, admired the beautiful album cover, and set it aside to listen a little bit closer… you know… just for that right time. Alas, the time has never come. Or rather, it has come right now. And so I will not bore you with my sighs, on time, on music, and on life, which seems to pass on by, each year faster than before. Instead, I’ll play through Glam Tear Stain a few more times and then I’ll watch this video. Meanwhile, if you managed to catch his debut, let me remind you that this Emmy nominated English (and LA-based) composer is responsible for the score to the 2018 HBO film “My Dinner with Hervé,” as well as appearances in the documentaries and news programs. You can hear the cinematic influences on his album, echoing strings, synth pads, and chords. In the hands of Thomas Bücker for the “Agitate Or Barium” remix, we hear that familiar Bersarin Quartett treatment of intimate sonics and jazzy beats. The visuals further capture the performance and its recording, projected over an abandoned building of empty rooms and silent memories. Peeling walls, falling snow, distressed film, and quiet piano keys. I could be at home there…

‘Glam Tear Stain’ is simple melodic and tonal music for piano and strings, filtered through the electronic, spatial, and experimental lens of Norland’s earlier musical endeavors – and on a personal level was made over a time of profound sadness, change, and acceptance. It’s more unapologetically emotional than other music in the broad neoclassical field, and often stranger, too, drawing from influences as diverse as Future Sound Of London and 16th-century English choral music.

The album is currently available on digital, CD, and two vinyl pressings – black and clear. And this particular Bersarin Quartett remix is out now as a single on all of your favorite digital platforms. You can also hear it on the Headphone Commute Daily playlist, which I update almost every single day.