I hope that you’re keeping up with all my musings and in the process get a chance to listen to all these exclusive mixes which are available for download, streamable on Mixcloud, or automatically appear in your favourite player if you subscribe to the podcast. Today we have a three-and-a-half-hour showcase by Roel Funcken, who has put together a Sampler Mix from a double-volume Australia Bushfire Compilation, which he has curated for Touched Music. This is a benefit release approaching 70+ previously unreleased tracks selected from the musicians around the world to raise funds “for the rescue, preservation and safe sanctuary of koalas and other vulnerable wildlife affected by the unprecedented catastrophic fires of the Australian Black Summer (September 2019 – February 2020) resulting in a massive loss of habitable forests.” Yes, during the current global [human] crisis it’s easy to forget about the disaster that has recently occurred on a remote continent, but it’s important to remember and support this endangered species in the time of need. On this mix, Roel features many of the pieces from this release, including some of my favourites from Plaid, Bersarin Quartett, Ruxpin, Wisp, (ghost), Recue, PurlMaps and Diagrams, and even Yage (that’s Future Sound of London side project), mixed together with selections from Rafael Anton Irisarri, Tim Hecker, Arovane, Warmth, loscil, Jason Van Wyk and many others. I was really tempted to split this mix into two separate parts but decided to share this journey in its entirety, uninterrupted. It’s a really beautiful trip! I hope you enjoy and support this endeavour by purchasing the compilation, as 100% of profits will be donated to Australians for Animals for Koala Habitat.

Buy the compilation on Bandcamp: [Part 1] [Part 2].

Koalas need homes, just like all of us. Currently, they are refugees in their own land, so we are raising funds to acquire habitat which will be protected in perpetuity and will continue to support a huge number of indigenous species. This is the start of a program that will provide safe habitat and a future for endangered animals in Australian states of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.


01.Morla.Eazm.Australian Bushfire 2
02.Alles Andere Als Mehr.Bersarin Quartett.Australian Bushfire 2
03.Duifscheur.Polycorn.Australian Bushfire 1
04.10_42 AM.(ghost).Australian Bushfire 1
05.Thorn.Foxtail.Australian Bushfire 1
06.Black Pitch.Rafael Anton Irisarri.Solastalgia
07.Amenity.Tapage.Australian Bushfire 2
08.Mornicle.Ard Bit.Australian Bushfire 1
09.Coremees.Polycorn.Australian Bushfire 2
10.Harmonic Forrest.Maarten Vos.Australian Bushfire 1
11.Rainbow Blood.Tim Hecker.Harmony in Ultraviolet
12.Stallstallstall.Kettel.Dwingeloo Life Extension
13.Skyer (Pusterum Revisited Edit).Lauge.Australian Bushfire 2
14.In The Fog I.Tim Hecker.Ravedeath, 1972
15.Sun.Strugatsky Brothers.Australian Bushfire 2
17.Structures Based On The Plasticity Of Sphere Surface Tension.Illuha.Akari
19.Rain.SiNq.Australian Bushfire 2
20.Movement 2.Jacek Doroszenko.Infinite Values
21.Hope.Radek Rudnicki.Australian Bushfire 2
22.30 Minutes Of Sun.NUUK.Australian Bushfire 2
23.Portrait Gallery.Luke Howard.Sun, Cloud
24.The Rise & Fall of Caro.Omrr.Music For The Anxious
25.Camphill.Broken Chip.Australian Bushfire 1
26.Ice Cream (Chapter VIII).Leon Vynehall.Nothing Is Still
27.Refuge/Refuse.Rafael Anton Irisarri.Peripeteia
28.A Shimmer.Nils Frahm.Empty
30.the romantic image of ruins.r beny.natural fiction
31.Babylonians.Evan Caminiti.Varispeed Hydra
32.The Spring in Chartreuse.Steve Hauschildt.Nonlin
33.Light And Shade.Whalt Thisney.Australian Bushfire 2
35.06 06.Steinbrüchel.Parallel Landscapes
36.Greater Forces.Gang Violins.Australian Bushfire 1
37.a good cleansing always sets one’s mind to rights.tsone.pagan oceans I, II, III
39.Und die Welt steht still (2020).Bersarin Quartett.Australian Bushfire 1
40.Beatrice’s Euphoria.Wordclock.Heralds
42.Borrow.Dramavinile.Various Artists (eilean 100)
43.Wen (Roel Funcken Rmx Beatless Version).Plaid.Australian Bushfire 2
44.Equivalent 5.loscil.Equivalents
45.See Saw.Simon Pyke.Slow Glow One
46.Orbite.Translucent Pulse.Australian Bushfire 2
47.Sealevel.6.Simon Scott.Below Sea Level
48.Incognito.OdNu.Australian Bushfire 1
49.Sheds Of America.Kettel.Dwingeloo Life Extension
50.Engravings.Alessio Dutto.Australian Bushfire 2
51.Rooted.Ion Driver.Ambient Expansion
52.The Earths Warm Crust.Eric The Taylor.Australian Bushfire 2
53.Pouring Down.Western Skies Motel.Generations
54.Kept.Jason Van Wyk.Attachment
55.Spinning In A Dream.Lorn.A/D