Roel Funcken

Autotroph (Part 3)

And we are back with the third part of Roel Funcken‘s Autotroph mix, traversing all of the familiar and some previously unexplored corners of ambient, modern classical, and experimental worlds. If you missed the first two parts, be sure to grab them and listen in succession – especially if you have six hours available (great for work and oversea flights). Enjoy this journey while it lasts and stay tuned for the fourth and final part, to be published in just a couple of weeks!

Photo © Hior Chronik

53.Peine del viento – San Sebastian_David Cordero_El Rumor del Oleaje
54.Velvve_Arovane & Hior Chronik_In-between
55.The Rule of Forgetting_Giulio Aldinucci_Goccia
57.Inconsistent Density_Tsone_Dovetail
58.Live Leak Instrumental_Tim Hecker_Love Streams
59.Temporary People Passing Through_Leigh Toro_L’Esprit De L’Escalier
60.Dead Branches_Wil Bolton_February Dawn
61.XI_Benoît Pioulard_Stanza II
62.Gallery Of The Invisible Woman_Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker_Fantasma Parastasie
63.Vertigo_State Azure_Digiseeds
64.Sunset_Richard Ginns_A Beautiful Memory Shaped In The Stars
65.There is still time_Lorn_The Maze to Nowhere
66.Delta 3_Maps and Diagrams_Delta
67.So It Goes_Greg Haines_Where We Were
68.Ambikythera Mechanism_Legiac_unreleased
69.Naomi Pleen_Clark_The Last Panthers
70.Spherical Angles_Maps and Diagrams_Delta
71.Diamond Day_Offthesky_Silent Went The Sea
72.Holdgaze (Legiac.rmx)_Funckarma_Frequencies Of The Mind III
73.Painting Dust_Solo Andata_In the Lens
74.Hiero-Bosch For Khalil_Clark_The Last Panthers
75.Cad Goddeu (Revised)_Nest_Retold (2014 Special Edition)
76.Garden_Western Skies Motel_Settlers
77.Outset_Jason Van Wyk_Attachment
78.Inversion_Bersarin Quartett_Bersarin Quartett
79.Ritual Of Light_ASC_Fervent Dream
80.1:41:00_Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm_Trance Frendz

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