Roel Funcken

Autotroph (Part 2)

I hope that you enjoyed previous week’s first entry in Roel Funcken‘s 8-hour long Autotroph mix, because here comes part two! Featuring some of my all time favorite artists, this second, nearly two hour installment picks up where we left off at the end of our last told story, and slowly cradles us into another week. I am, personally, preparing for another week-long silent retreat, which is always preceded by a 4-hour long drive to Massachusetts, and you know damn well, that I’ll be listening to the first two parts along the way. Mixcloud themselves have already proclaimed the first part of the mix as “sounds to help you think, meditate and relax“. Of course, if you listen closely, there is a lot more to all this ambient music, but you know… hear what you will as you walk with us along your journey!

Photo © Hior Chronik

29.Collapse Sonata_Tim Hecker_Love Streams
30.Android Manouvres_Abul Mogard_Abul Mogard
31.Limb_Markus Guentner_Theia
32.Kept_Jason Van Wyk_Attachment
33.Shelter_Lorn_The Maze To Nowhere / Part 3
34.Keplerian Motion_Legiac_unreleased
35.Keplerian orbit [Ocoeur Remix]_Legiac
remixes for Mercury Retrograde & The Faex has Decimated
36.Mahler Remixed 2_Fennesz_Mahler Remixed
37.Farewell track_Clark_Emtpy the Bones of You
38.Outward_Richard Ginns_various artists
40.The Intruder_Greg Haines_Where We Were
41.1979 (On a Snowy February Day)_Deru_1979: Remixed
42.Part I_Martin Nonstatic_Inside (isolatedmix 59)
43.Vanishing Point_ASC_Time Heals All
44.Huitième Branche_Cyril Secq / Orla Wren_Branches
45.Rio Salado – Conil_David Cordero_El Rumor del Oleaje
46.Agarthini_Siavash Amini_Subsiding
47.Seven Years of Summer_One Arc Degree_Digiseeds
48.Neon Giraffe_Fenton_PUP
49.I (One)_Julien Neto_Le Fumeur de Ciel
50.Alpine Light_Jacob Newman_Quanta Flora
51.Unreleased_Ard Bit_Unreleased
52.Displacement_Rafael Anton Irisarri_A Fragile Geography

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