LAAPS+IIKKI (2022-2023)

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Good morning, and welcome to your Tuesday. I have a special entry in Headphone Commute’s Podcast series for you today. And if you’re just getting around to enjoying these, let me remind you that we have 325+ others available directly when you subscribe to the podcast, or you can download them from our offline archive (going back to 2009!). Anyway, it is not just a mix but an entire label showcase of Mathias Van Eecloo‘s amazing LAAPS imprint, covering releases in the last two years (2022-2023). I’ve hosted the first such showcase two years ago, so be sure to check out LAAPS 2020-2021 mix as well. Oh, and Mathias was generous enough to throw in a few IIKKI releases in there as well (just check out this tracklist!), so this is truly a compilation of some of the best experimental ambient albums from both of his fantastic labels, continuously mixed exclusively for you! As always, if you enjoy what you hear, please support the featured artists, and in this case, the labels as well!


  •  ‘t GeruisL’Appel (LAAPS 019)
  •  Taylor DeupreeMihto (LAAPS 020)
  •  Tomas KnoflicekTom Hezikiah (Mix) (LAAPS 030)
  •  Trance FarmersDusty Tesla (IIKKI 017)
  •  SeabuckthornThe Furnace And The Stillness (LAAPS 023)
  •  ArovaneKonstant (LAAPS 025)
  •  Akhira SanoPots after 100 years (IIKKI 020)
  •  Neg MilliganA Crack in the Sky (LAAPS 028)
  •  Andrew TasselmyerPossibilities (LAAPS 018)
  •  Observatories (Ian Hawgood & Craig Tattersall)Our Recently Acquired Knowledge (IIKKI 019)
  •  Olli AarniLoput (Side A) (LAAPS 017)
  •  EcovillageLiving Flame ft. Henrik Meierkord (LAAPS 022)
  •  Akira UchidaKurayami #2 (IIKKI 021)
  •  Tomoyoshi Date⼟ tsuchi (45 rpm) (LAAPS 024)
  •  Tomotsugu NakamuraMontage (LAAPS 021)
  •  Sonmi451Angelglow (LAAPS 029)
  •  Aiko TakahashiIt Could Have Been A Beautiful Evening (IIKKI 022)
  •  The Three Oldmen’s BirdsCall We Call (IIKKI 018)
  •  Russell Burden & Craig TattersallSettlings (LAAPS 027)
  •  Bill Seaman / Tim Diagram / Stephen SperaVelta (LAAPS 031)
  •  Wil BoltonMarble and Ash (LAAPS 026)
  •  iu TakahashiAwake / Lakeside (LAAPS 032)

Artwork by Sam Ashton (Fortresses).