LAAPS 2020-2021

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So only a few more days left to this year, but, more importantly, a few more days before I announce my Best of 2021 lists [which, just like you, I have been looking forward to], but before we wave another year farewell, I’ve got something exceptional to share with you. In fact, this is a celebration of two years, to be more precise – two years of releases from the amazing LAAPS imprint [which, if my memory serves me correctly, I’ve introduced on here back in the summer of 2020]. The label was created by Mathias Van Eecloo as a permanent sonic and visual continuity, with each release starting with the end of the previous one. And now, two years, four seasons, and 16 releases later, we’ve got this gorgeous 60-minute mix (curated by the label boss himself) showcasing each one… turning into what I may bluntly proclaim to be an exclusive compilation just for Headphone Commute! And this is just the beginning! A little birdie told me that the series will extend to exactly 100 releases, running for 12 years straight! But enough words, let’s turn towards all this gorgeous music!


  • LAAPS 009Dag RosenqvistLämnar Allt Igen (Vråen Centrum)
  • LAAPS 011Tomoyoshi Date + Stijn Hüwels我よりも命豊けしコブ持つ⼤樹 (A Distant Fire, A Distant Cloud)
  • LAAPS 003Offthesky & The Humble BeeFallen Fruit To Navigate By (We Were the Hum of Dreams)
  • LAAPS 014SonaeTropennacht (Summer)
  • LAAPS 008ForesteppeIX – XII (Odeyalo)
  • LAAPS 013Somni451Zero Day Exploit (Seven Signals In The Sky)
  • LAAPS 001The Alvaret EnsembleAst (Ea)
  • LAAPS 012Federico DurandMenta (Herbario)
  • LAAPS 004Danny ClayOcean Park II (Ocean Park)
  • LAAPS 016Hannes BuderGeorgia’s Delight (Outside Words)
  • LAAPS 010Ian NyquistPlateau (Endless, Shapeless)
  • LAAPS 005Tomotsugu NakamuraCopenhagen (Literature)
  • LAAPS 006Valance DrakesBorrowing Your Presence For Their Ego (Freedom Is Its Own Kind Of Salary)
  • LAAPS 007Joni Void + N NAONon-Linéaire (Nature Morte)
  • LAAPS 002FeanFerbaarnde Boeken (II)
  • LAAPS 015ZhalihSad (They Call)