Mathias Van Eecloo

eisOtones 15

50 pieces from 50 releases of the year – this is the ongoing theme of the eisOtones¬†series that we have been featuring on the Headphone Commute podcast, and this is our 15th entry (previous mixes can be found here). Once again, Mathias Van Eecloo, of [previously] Eilean Rec. and [currently] LAAPS, returns for his annual tradition of masterful selection of musical journeys. This one has been in the making for quite some time, and I only wish that I could have published it earlier in the year. But yes, it’s March 1st, and yes, we’re still looking back at 2022, and yes, I think it’s just as well since music doesn’t like to be explicitly dated. This is a very interesting selection with a really wide span of genres and labels – plenty of which are very new to me. It’s an exceptional headcleaner for the walls of the echo chamber of styles in which you may find yourself stuck. So it’s time to pop out and see what you may have been missing. As usual, please enjoy responsibly and support the featured artists!