Two and a Half Questions with Opiuo

I perceive your music to be as quite happy… are you by nature a happy guy?
Yeah, I guess I am a happy person. I love rocking in this world. This life’s short, no time to be unhappy for no reason and dwell on anything too insignificant, I think. I mean, there are definitely important times to spend energy on making your own, and others lives better, but right now I’m living the dream I never really knew I had. I get to make music and tour the world playing it to appreciative people everywhere. So that definitely also makes my day, that’s for sure.

Australia is so physically remote, yet in this digital age exposure is just a click away. Besides emails and status updates, how do you feel the internet has improved your artistic side as a musician?
I don’t think the worldwide music scene would be anywhere near as musically diverse, connected, or inspiring without the use of the Internet. Gone are the days of needing a giant record label dictating what will work and what won’t. Artists are given complete creative freedom due to the ease of being able to self promote and get their music to the right places. Anyone can do it, and now anyone can be heard. It’s great! It’s funny too, I hadn’t heard music like mine when I started making it due to my location, and I was actually quite nervous about playing it to people at first. Lucky for me it was super well received. My first EP was spread purely by people who were in to the music, through forums and file sharing sites throughout the world. You can’t get better distribution than that. The people have the power. So, yup, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Internet, that’s a definite.

How is the music scene in Melbourne?
Amazing. It’s flourishing. The underground is rising up and people are taking notice! Anything goes there too. Underground parties often have a massive spread of music. Not just electronic. All scenes of creative expression are supporting also. It’s about getting ya music out there and bringing everyone along with ya, all the way.

I may have accidentally pigeonholed you into a “glitch-hop” genre. How would you describe your music?
To me it’s a melodic mash of funkadelic, bass heavy, slightly elastic, mostly spastic, extremely danceable, electro-breaks-trance induced hippo hop.

I’m looking forward to your performance at Decibel festival. Is this your first time in the US? Where else have you traveled for live shows?
This is my 3rd more than a month-long tour of North America. I’ve been to Seattle once before too, the same venue Neumos in fact. I love people in Seattle. I’ve played live throughout USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. With plans to hit China, Thailand, India, Vietnam, almost all of Europe, South Africa, and Mexico in the coming future. Music is the ultimate worldwide language. And with the lines of genre and style being so blurred these days, the ability to play in extremely culturally diverse locations is easier than ever. People want to hear fresh sonic manipulations, and I can’t want to play it for them!

What and who are some of your inspirations?
My influences are literally everything. From the interestingly beautiful people and places, to the weirdly wild visual and sonic smells and tastes that surround my every day. My brain is constantly on the look out for interesting moments in life. Everything, good and not so, gives me some sort of emotional charge that kicks me into a creative mode. I never quite know what the reason was for writing a particular tune normally. If music is ever an influence though, it is normally a genre far from my own. I get a lot of inspiration from early funk, lush folk, downtempo electronica, and old school soul.