With half a dozen of twelve-inchers under his belt, and a full-length breakcore album Hippie Killers Don’t Mind Jah Conversations (Peace Off, 2006), Luis Garbàn, aka Cardopusher, lands a tasteful EP on Spectraliquid, continuing the Athens based label’s Mutant Dubstep series with Volume 2. Garbàn’s previous output ranged from above mentioned breakcore, to gabber and ragga. Now he’s trying his hand at dubstep, and very successfully, may I add.

On this three track EP with an additional two remixes by Innasekt (Sneer and Sully) and Pacheko (Francisco Mejia Szilard), you can expect to hear clear influences of Garbàn’s edgier side, grinding with those nasty sawtooth riffs through concrete onslaught of deeply resonating dark and dirty bass wobbles. The memory breaching melodies and hooks are screaming to be released onto the dance floor. With a saturation of dubstep tracks on the market, it’s very difficult to pick out the standout tracks in the crowd. But you can be sure that Cardopusher’s addition to the collection will be permanent. It’s no wonder that Thom Yorke (yes, the one of Radiohead) included a remix of Cardopusher’s track on his weekly music chart.

While grabbing this colorful digipack from Spectraliquid, make sure to pick up the first volume in the series, kicked off by none other than Ebola (Ben Hudson). This is turning out to be a rather nice selection of releases from the predominantly breakcore influenced artists, and I’m looking forward to the volumes to follow. Meanwhile, be sure to pick up Cardopusher’s second LP, Unity Means Power, released on brand spanking new Murder Channel Records.