Sound Bytes : Child, hosmOz, 2methylBulbe1ol, and Venetian Snares

Bad Timing

I’m not sure if IDM is still a viable product for physical distribution, but I must say that netlabels are still kicking it… and kicking hard! This Bad Timing EP from Child is a great example of the evolving genre from high quality laptop production into your bedroom studio and ears. The two tracks on the EP traverse genres and styles like a hyper spider weaving an expertly complex web. From ambient, to glitch, to full-on drum’n’bass rhythms, Child keeps me guessing in each twist and turns. “Senses converge as rhythmical percussions fuel forth the journey through hyperspace soundscapes, the ever-growing momentum sending listeners beyond and below, falling through sonic space as anticipation becomes weightless-ness.” Once again, Enig’matik Media gets the credit for introducing this unique producer to my ears, and reminds me to keep my eyes on this wonderful Australian label.

Vulva EP
Bedroom Research

Welcome to the underground kicthen of Belgium based Adrien Cornet, aka hosmOz. Today on the menu we have a few specials. For an appetizer we’re serving pure IDM. For the main course there’s a bit of industrial electro. And for dessert we’ve saved some acid corroded glitchy dubstep! Released by Bedroom Research in conjunction with Detroit Underground, the four track Vulva EP showcases top notch production and razor sharp execution of this brain blowing genre. Squeezed through every possible DSP plugin, the twisted rhythm and stuttering melodies will destroy and disrupt the comfortably settled dust particles in your dusty bedroom. Guaranteed to warp your stolid mind without any chemical compounds. Perhaps the only way to improve on this sound is to capture it in a test tube, condense and distill it, liquify the remaining saturate, and inject directly into your bloodstream!


Yes, OK, I’ll admit, if you get Hecq to remix a track on your release, you’ve got my attention. What can I say – I’m in love with pretty much everything that crazy boy touches. But that alone should not underplay the quality of this release on OverClockHeadz records. Pressed on a dark blue 12″ vinyl, the Golem EP is definitely a contender to some of the most toughest, roughest, and deepest IDM-meets-dubstep out there. Picture DJ Hidden mixing it up with The Teknoist and Mobthrow (who actually mastered the EP). Industrial strength bass drops and cyber punk rhythms make up the growling and glowing core of this release. 2methylBulbe1ol is a project of a French 26-year old producer with a few EPs behind his belt on RuffKomod.O Dragon, and Abyssa labels. And with this massive heavy-hitter he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Fans of Hymen, Ad Noiseam and Tympanik must absolutely keep their eye on this one! And buy the vinyl, will ya?

Venetian Snares
Fool The Detector

On the last stop of this glitch-heavy ride we are welcomed by a long time favorite master and no doubt even the interplanetary king of breakcore and drill’n’bass. That’s right kids, after almost two years of silence [not counting the side-stepped 2011 Cubist Reggae EP], and his last full length release, My So-Called Life on his very own label, Timesig (an offshoot managed by Planet Mu), Venetian Snares is back with his beloved sound! In this four track release, Winnipeg’s Aaron Funk invites the listener to participate in his little game of playing a detective, by accompanying the EP with a set of questions around individual tracks: “See if you can guess which track is 100% free of blatant narcissism!” This is definitely the sound of a good ol’ VSnares, full of cinematic orchestral samples and the signature jitters and breaks that still resonate since Rossz Csillag Alatt Született (Planet Mu, 2005). I’m hoping this just a prelude to another full length!