Six Missing


Release Notes

Label: Nettwerk Music Group
Release: Here For Now
Date: December 15th, 2023
Artwork By: Roberta Boffo | Bandcamp | Stream

If, 20 years ago, you told me that I’d still be writing about ambient music, I think I would have simply laughed. How much could be said, not just with words but also with these sounds? But as the years appear to speed up, I find myself immersed in it much more (even as I see so many other publications slowly disappear), discovering new layers, space and people who have another story to convey, one that I am happy to be a part of. Regular followers of this site will, without a doubt, recognise my personal connection with the present moment, often hoping to convince myself and others that we should focus on what is instead of how it was before and certainly instead of how it could be. How could it possibly be any other way? How could we not be here and now, experiencing all that’s happening around us as it could only be? Are there better times ahead of us, or is it only doomsdays? And does it really matter when we get there in the end? Okay, I’ll pause here for a time and focus on the music, premiering for you a piece by Austin-based ambient artist TJ Dumser, who releases music under his Six Missing moniker. This piece is titled “Guidance”, and it is taken from his upcoming full-length, Here For Now. Across the twelve pieces on the album, soft pads, swirls, and swooshes are echoed in a faint, reverb-drenched ambient calm, sometimes accompanied by the quiet acoustic guitar strums, sometimes allowed to simply expand into infinite indistinct space. It’s in this space where I find myself writing these words. Here for now… and hopefully for a little bit more…

Guidance is a performance and conversation between the modular synthesizer and my vintage Moog Minimoog. Stumbling in a dream world, slow motion fumbling and searching for your way in a dark neon purple hazy room. This would be the point in the film where the hero’s world is starting to melt and come apart. Like trying to remember a dream the following morning but you just… can’t quite remember. You register each moment as it arises but aren’t able to turn around and see the footsteps leading you back. Adrift. You search for Guidance to bring you back. Here it is.

— TJ Dumser

Once again, the album is out on December 15th via Nettwerk Music Group. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp and check out a few more pre-released tracks. TJ also has a YouTube channel where he breaks down a few of his recording sessions (plus some very fun modular patches), including those of the pieces from the album. You can watch these here.