I’ve got a bit of an unscheduled post for you today. That’s right, those of you with whom I work on spreading these honest words about this honest music know that I am usually well-prepared, often multiple weeks in advance, to share something with the world on a specific date. There’s a lot of work that goes behind the scenes for this low-profile “blog”. Occasionally, I must make an exception and spend an extra hour or two to get this write-up out. Today is one of those days, and that anomaly is due to a call for support for one of my favourite organic ambient composers, Thomas Meluch, who’s mostly known for his music as Benoit Pioulard. And before you start panicking, as far as I know, Thomas is okay, but he does need your help in this pay-what-you-wish, 1-hour-long, single-track release to “defray some steep medical bills following a hospitalization in August 2023.” I’ve come to know about this only yesterday when my friend Rafael Anton Irisarri reached out with his words about this unfortunate event. Irrespective of the concrete details, this beautiful release deserves your full attention, and if you happen to support it in any way that you can, you’ll know that all proceeds will go towards Meluch’s recovery. Thanks in advance for all your help.

An improvised hour of guitar, bells, voice, piano, tape and field recordings created live at my home studio La Berceuse (Brooklyn, NY) on a chilly night, with a cat snoozing on the chair next to me.