Sustain Series, Vol. 1

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In November of 2020, Amsterdam-based label Ambientologist released a compilation titled Sustain Series, Vol. 1. It’s an impressive gathering of ambient artists and their music, showcasing some of the most delicate sides of the genre. The proceeds from the release have been donated to Conservation International, promoting sustainability across the world. I reached out to the label in hopes to broadcast this selection to a wider audience on my platform, and I am happy that they obliged to share this 90+ minute continuous mix by Lauge with followers of my podcast. Take a look at the tracklisting and you will know why I’m excited to spend today in the company of my favourite ambient artists, as well as a few newly introduced names to my ears. As of this writing, the label is preparing a follow-up volume, with artists such as Halftribe, The Green Kingdom, Pepo Galán, awakened souls, Dylan Henner and Sven Laux, confirmed for the roster. I’m keeping my eye on the Ambientologist’s Bandcamp for the available pre-order, and so should you!

Sustain Series is an ongoing fluid project aimed at recycling unfinished musical material, and creating collaborations in the process. Old, perhaps forgotten, music can see the light of day, while providing a resource of inspiration to the artists.


  • Luis Miehlich & Fionnlagh
  • God In The Stars
  • Hilyard
  • Limbs (Atmøsphäre Remix)
  • Logic Moon
  • Drone 0002 (Lauge Rework)
  • r beny
  • Bright (Valotihkuu Rework)
  • Benoît Pioulard
  • Versus III-IV (Jupi ter Edit)
  • anthéne
  • further (Norvik Rework)
  • Snufmumriko
  • Untitled (Lauge Recycle)
  • Norvik
  • A Rocking Cradle Rework (Pagination Rework)
  • r beny
  • Bright (Hilyard Remix)
  • anthéne
  • bur oak (Atmøsphäre Remix)
  • Robert Farrugia
  • Untitled (anthéne Rework)
  • Steven Kemner & Benoit Pioulard
  • Bluster
  • Sjors Mans
  • Let Me Go (Off-Land Separate Forces Rework)
  • Benoît Pioulard
  • Try To Be More Realistic (Voga Rework)
  • Marty Hicks
  • Untitled (Luis Miehlich Rework)
  • Powlos
  • Inside (Off-Land Rework)
  • Glassing
  • April 9 (Powlos Rework)
  • anthéne
  • bur oak (Norvik Rework)
  • Strom Noir
  • Evening Loop 2 (Henrik Meierkord Clean Cello Rework)
  • Charley van Veldhoven & Túrion
  • Hemellichaam IV (Henrik Meierkord Rework)
  • Benoît Pioulard
  • Try To Be More Realistic (With Pepo Galán & Karen Vogt)