How many records would you say are in your collection?

I have absolutely no idea. Must be a couple of thousand scattered about a few places.

Do you consider yourself a ‘collector’?

I used to but I’m definitely no longer a completist. My energy is actually heading in the opposite direction right now and I want to carve what I have down into pure essentials. An unhealthy number of essentials but essentials nonetheless.

What is your playback setup like?

A few years ago I spent thousands on a delicately balanced and anally-retentive audiophile setup but now I simply have a Technics 1210 running through a DJ mixer in my studio and the records have never sounded better.

What was the very first record you purchased?

I can’t remember the first but getting the debut Slipknot album on picture disc was a big moment. If only I knew where it was.

Tell us about the most prized record in your collection.

As a young kid, my dad could see my obsession with Nirvana growing and one day said “you should really listen to the first Black Sabbath album.” That was it: year zero for me. That is where the story begins. I now have that very record in my collection and it takes pride of place.

What makes you want to purchase an album on vinyl as opposed to any other medium?

If it’s something I feel marks a significant moment in my life then I’ll buy the record of it. That’s an obtuse explanation but it makes sense in my head.

What are your thoughts on the “inconvenience” of vinyl?

It’s necessary. Modern immediacy is alluring but music should be given the time it deserves. Consider the years of struggle, dedication and hard work poured into just one record by an artist. The least you can fucking do is get up to put it on, stand back and enter into its world for an hour.

Ever consider digitizing the collection and selling it off?

I often digitise stuff for when I DJ out but I keep the records. As I mentioned, I do want to hone what I have down but there’s no chance I’ll ever get rid of everything.

What album has your favourite artwork and why?

Loveless. It’s my favourite record and my favourite sleeve. It’s a perfect album in every way.

What do you look for when you go record digging?

I much prefer record shopping to digging. Returning to my favourite places where I’ve built a relationship with those who work there. A trusted filter. Finding someone who cannot wait to hand you something, eyes burning bright. I’ve been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand.

Where do you buy your music these days?

More and more on Bandcamp but I want to stress that I’m still a firm believer in brick and mortar stores. There’s something about them that cannot be replicated online.

What are your thoughts on limited editions, original releases, and reissues?

I love originals but if a re-issue or limited edition does a good and honest job of breathing new life into a record then I’m all for it. (Not long ’til that Drone Logic anniversary now eh…)

What were the most memorable liner notes that you’ve ever read?

Tiga’s DJ-Kicks. Track that one down.

What record do you think you could play all the time?

I put C Diab’s No Perfect Wave on all the time. It resets the mind.

How is your collection organized?

It’s not. One day I’ll go full High Fidelity and do it autobiographically.

How has vinyl impacted your life?

I’m sat here on the eve of my fifth album being released. I wouldn’t be here without it.

What will happen with your collection when you’re gone?

Hopefully, it will help those who mattered remember me.