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I always welcome new music, new connections, new friendships that then come along. In this example, a track premiere by Joachim Spieth at the end of last year made me relisten to his works on Wolfgang Voigt’s Pop Ambient series, taking me to releases on his very own Affin imprint and finally asking him for a mix. In this process, this seemingly random stranger quickly became a musical friend, as we exchanged grand ideas and connected with music. I really appreciated the spectrum of electronic music genres covered on Spieth’s German label and requested that he showcased the output through a traversal of styles. The result is a beautiful 90-minute journey that will take you from soothing to upbeat, through highs and through lows. I’m very happy with how it turned out and honoured to host this showcase on Headphone Commute. Here are some words from Joachim, and of course, the mix!

There could have been several options to present the sound of Affin. None is complete, none says it all… After a few evenings of selection, a lot has been found and it will be interesting to ‘observe’ how ambient disappears into experimental beats, the end of a reverb enables a fade into the club. In the club I step on the warm-up floor and immerse myself in the sound. I notice that energy is dreaming through me and that things are taking on a life of their own. After a while, however, I am drawn back to the ambience…

— Joachim Spieth


  •  Joachim SpiethP680
  •  Gustavo LamasEmbrollo
  •  GłósSerenade
  •  ZannStalker
  •  Markus GuentnerCrystal Castle
  •  Toki FukoPlumbum
  •  The Alchemical TheoryDistorted Landscape
  •  SvarogAglar
  •  Joachim SpiethUltradian
  •  Reggy Van OersPristine
  •  VâyuAmbrosia
  •  Toki FukoAstatine
  •  Reggy Van OersIngrained (Acronym Spatial Remix)
  •  HoedusDoppler Shift
  •  Claudio PRCLimnic
  •  Markus GuentnerHansha