Dmitry Taldykin

Dronarivm Showcase 2019

I’ve been a long time fan of Dmitry Taldykin‘s Moscow-based Dronarivm label which, thanks to the additional curation from Bartosz Dziadosz (aka Pleq) has always brought us treasures from the depths of ambient and modern classical waters. Many of imprint’s releases have been covered on these pages (just look at our dedicated Dronarivm label directory!), so it’s no wonder that I’m excited in sharing the Headphone Commute Podcast platform with the founder to showcase Dronarivm’s upcoming releases in 2019 in this very special mix. Plenty of exciting tracks on here from all of your favourites in the many yet to be announced albums. It’s a like a season preview of all the fantastic finds we’ve got in store for you this year!


1. Snow Palms – Zoetropia 
  (from VA “Salaam for Yemen”) 
2. The Green Kingdom – Untitled (remix by Auburn Lull) 
  (from The Green Kingdom “Expanses Remixes”) 
3. Daniela Orvin – Unfolding Skyline 
  (from Sven Laux and Daniela Orvin ‘The Writings”, TBA) 
4. offthesky - Fallow 
  (from offthesky “Fallow”, TBA) 
5. Purl and protoU – Sub Life 
  (from Purl and protoU “Sub Life” TBA) 
6. Porya Hatami, Aaron Martin, Roberto Attanasio – Pûsper 
  (from Porya Hatami | Aaron Martin | Roberto Attanasio “Sallaw”) 
7. Halftribe – Maybe 
  (from Halftribe “Backwater Revisited” TBA) 
8. Monty Adkins - September Messages 
  (from Monty Adkins “Working Title” TBA) 
9. Christopher Bissonnette – Blades of Grass 
  (from Christopher Bissonnette “Working Title” TBA) 
10. birds of passage – On Our Hands 
  (from VA “Salaam for Yemen”) 

Cover image © Giulio Aldinucci