Optic Echo Presents

Best Vinyl of the Decade

Boy, do I have a special treat for you! Just as I thought we were finished, and the selections of best of the year came rushing in, I realized that we have more to celebrate at the turn of the decade. So, the ever trustworthy Mike Jedlicka of Optic Echo Presents whipped out his overflowing crates of vinyl and began digging for his favourites to make you another mix! I have to say, there are a lot of surprises on here, and the choices are not that obvious, which makes this unique selection that much more exciting! It’s a trip and a half and is a perfect way to bid farewell to the 10’s of the 21st century. So, turn on, tune in, and of course, drop out…


  •  Orla Wren feat. Aaron MartinThe Blizzard that Birthed Her 10”
  •  DialectLoose Blooms
  •  Ezekiel HonigFolding in on Itself
  •  Odd NosdamFlippies Best
  •  LowDouble Negative
  •  Pye Corner AudioBlack Mill Tapes 1
  •  Lali PunaOur Inventions
  •  Max RichterInfra
  •  EluviumWisdom for Debris
  •  Padang Food TigersBorn Music
  •  Jefre Cantu-LedesmaLove is a Stream
  •  Thomas KönerLa Barca
  •  The OrbChill Out, World
  •  Bing & RuthNo Home of the Mind
  •  Terror Trains/t
  •  Kid Koala & Emilíana TorriniMusic to Draw to: Satellite
  •  Night SequelsChildren of the Night Make Music
  •  Marcus FischerLoss
  •  Nils FrahmFelt
  •  Alaskan TapesYou Were Always an Island
  •  36The Infinity Room
  •  Julianna Barwick & Rafael Anton IrisarriThesis 10
  •  WarmthParallel Inflection
  •  Andy Kaufman& his Grandmother
  •  Peter Broderick & Gabriel Salomans/t