Headphone Commute’s Best of 2019

Every year I question whether or not I will spend the time and effort on compiling these lists for your listening pleasure. Aren’t all the albums on the site are already the selections of my favourites throughout the year anyway? But every turn of the calendar year I tend to summarize these in 10 thematic lists, with a mention of a few albums that I didn’t get a chance to cover while selecting the standouts in the context of all the music I have heard. It is, indeed, just a checkpoint during a very particular (and quiet) time, as we renew our energy and redefine the purpose to go on. This year, the format of the lists is still the same – only full-length albums (no EPs or compilations) sticking to the ones released in 2019 (no re-issues) displayed in alphabetical order by artist (so no one is #1). The only thing that has improved is the layout of the lists courtesy of the site’s latest face-lift, and, oh, there is a brand new ribbon that some albums will adorn if they’re selected… you will see… So here we go!