Optic Echo Presents

Best Vinyl of 2022

I look back at 2022 and realize that I didn’t put out the “usual” amount of mixes for the HC podcast. This is indeed because right after the celebration of the music from the year before, I was utterly preoccupied with the thoughts turned towards Ukraine. As a result, there were two “For Ukraine” mixes by Brian Housman of Stationary Travels and Peter can Cooten of Ambient Blog. In the last two weeks, with the annual Best of the Year tradition, I managed to broadcast and archive a few of my selections from each list, showcasing appearing artists. You can stream these via my Mixcloud account. But it’s not the same as the typical fair. So today, I’m back, along with the amazing Mike Jedlicka of Optic Echo, to share his favourite vinyl selections of 2022. This is that one particular tradition that I refuse to let go of, with today’s mix being the 12th instalment in the series. There is not much left to say, and we both hope the music speaks much louder. Please enjoy!


  •  Patricia WolfSee Through a5
  •  Viul & Benoit PioulardKonec b1
  •  KMRU & Aho SsanLimen a2
  •  OhblivSLPHNC III a2
  •  36Symmetry Systems b3
  •  Andrew TuttleFleeting Adventure a1
  •  BurialAntidawn b1
  •  Heather Woods BroderickDomes a1
  •  Andrew TasselmyerLimits b1
  •  PinkcourtesyphoneShouting at Nuance c1.2
  •  Jason Van WykDescendants a3
  •  William Fowler CollinsHallucinating Loss b2
  •  Marine EyesChamomile a2
  •  FlughandTen Hits b4
  •  Ian William CraigMusic for Magnesium_173 a1
  •  William Basinski & Janek Schaefer… On Reflection a2
  •  From Overseas & City of DawnMisty Memories a2
  •  Location Services & Derek Hunter WilsonWake b1
  •  RaumDaughter b3
  •  Corey Fuller & Richard SkeltonThesis 20 a1